How to pay property tax in Bangalore using the BBMP property tax calculator


Property tax is due to the Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP) each year proprietors of residential housing in Bengaluru. Such monies are used by the local government to provide civic services such as roadway and drainage repair, city parks, schooling, and so on.

Homeowners who have delinquent on their property tax payments for the preceding year would be labelled offenders, and their moveable possessions, such as equipment, will be taken, according to the BBMP commissioner in March 2017. According to the BBMP, at least 20,000 property owners in the city have not paid their property taxes for one or more years.

Inside this post, we’ll look at how individuals in Bangalore may pay their property taxes online.

Everything you need to know about BBMP’s online services

The BBMP suggested an amendment to the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act in November 2018, which would increase the real estate taxes for homeowners who broke building by-laws and strayed from the authorized layout. It further said that municipal authorities who were proven to just have failed to take measures against certain property owners might face prison time.

How to figure out how much property tax you owe

For computing the amount of property taxes due on residential properties in Bangalore, the BBMP uses a Unit Area Value (UAV) method. A UAV is calculated on the property’s predicted profits, which vary according on its geography and use. For one specific location or street (area), the computation is made on a per sq. ft, per month (unit) basis, and multiplied by the current property tax rate (value). The BBMP’s authority is organized into six value zones based on the Department of Stamps and Registration’s guiding value Bangalore. Depending on the zone wherein the property is located, your property tax rate will vary.

The following is the formula for calculating property tax in Bangalore:

Property tax (K) equals (G – I) x 20%


G = X, Y, and Z

as well as I = G x H/100

G is the value of a gross unit area.

X = Property’s leased area x Property’s per sq. ft rate x 10 months

Y = Property’s self-occupied area x Property’s per sq. ft rate x 10 months

Z = Vehicle parking area × Vehicle parking area per sq. ft rate x 10 months

H = Depreciation rate in percent (depends upon the age of the property).

How to pay your BBMP property tax through the internet

Property tax payments in Bangalore can be made online on the BBMP website, using a credit or debit card, or using online banking. (For further information, refer to

Your property information may be retrieved using your Base Registration Details or Property Identifiers (PID). One may pay your BBMP property tax online utilizing your Sas Base Application or PID number just if you’ve already paid your property tax at least once.

Step 1: Go to the BBMP’s Property Tax website.

Step 2: Get the tax invoices by entering the PID.

Step 3: Select a form of payment and complete the transaction. Download, download or print the print receipt for your records.

How do I acquire my PID?

Select ‘Citizen Services’ from the BBMP’s official website. You would be sent to a new page in which you must select the ‘GIS Enabled Property Tax Information System’ option. Register using your first and last names, as well as your phone number. Any property associated with your phone number will be displayed on the map. When your mobile number isn’t shown, input your old payment Application ID, and your fresh PID number will appear.

BBMP property tax receipt can be downloaded

Click ‘Downloads’ on the BBMP Property Tax site. From the drop-down menu, choose your selection. This page allows you to print the receipt, Challan, or application. To access the document you wish to print or save, you must first input the evaluation year and application ID. And that is how customers may acquire the most recent receipt for BBMP property tax online payments in the years 2021-22 and 2020-21.

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