How to Perform the Ganesh Chaturthi Puja?

The fourth day of the month of Bhadrapad, which normally falls between August and September, is known as Ganesh Chaturthi. The followers of Lord Ganesh concur that he descends to earth on this holy day to bestow his blessings. One of the most well-known holidays in India is Ganesh Chaturthi, which is celebrated for a variety of reasons. The well-known god Lord Ganesh is said to bless everyone who approaches him with a good heart. People concur that he is the only God who has the power to remove all barriers; he is known as “Vighna-Harta”; he also grants good fortune (“Sukha-Karta”) and aids in preventing natural disasters.

The items listed below are necessary for Ganesh Chaturthi Puja.

  • An idol of Lord Ganesh, ideally one made of green materials so you can observe Ganesh Chaturthi sustainably.
  • Sandalwood paste or Chandan
  • Red plants, preferably hibiscus.
  • Sticks of incense.
  • Durva.
  • Modaks or any domestically made candy after taking a bath and without any food.
  • A Chaurang or larger desk to be placed near the idol.
  • A covering for the desk and decorations, such as lights.
  • For Aarti, Diya should be kept mild in front of the idol.

Wipe down and sweep your house. Bring the Ganesh idol home, and you can invite your friends, spouse, and kids to the Puja. Allow all of your immediate family to congregate during Puja. Ganesh Shlokas should be recited to invite the Lord into your home.

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja: How to Perform It at Home

To do Lord Ganesh’s Puja properly, many families invite Pandits or Brahmins to perform it at their homes on Ganesh Chaturthi. Cleanliness and commitment are important factors for whatever Puja or Vrat you choose. This will help you receive Lord Ganesh’s blessings. Take a shower and clean your house. Dress in sparkling attire and prepare for the puja. Prepare the coconut or banana leaves for the Ganesh mandap. In addition, you can add plants and mango leaves to make them more attractive. Some embellish it with Ashoka tree leaves. Close to Lord Ganesh’s image is a pot filled with water and rice. Place your hands towards the Ganesh idol and chant “Om Ganesha Namah.”

Begin the puja by repeating the 108 names of Lord Ganesh or simple Ganesh mantras. With the help of songs specifically dedicated to Ganesh or Ganesh Aarti, light the Diya or lamp and perform Aarti for the Lord. Present Ganesh Jee with Naivaidya of original recipes and results.

Due to the significance of the number 21, humans offer 21 Modaks and 21 Durva grass blades during this Puja. Five perception organs, five action organs, five significant breaths of air, five components, and the thoughts are represented by the number 21. However, you may be adaptable if you are participating in a Ganesh Chaturthi Puja at home. The only things you need are a calm mind and body, and devotion, not the ceremony, is what is most important. So, try to keep things simple and attend to the Puja.

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