Inclusive Housing: Kerala’s LIFE Mission 2023 Unveiled!

The LIFE Mission (Livelihood Inclusion Financial Empowerment) is a comprehensive housing scheme launched by the Government of Kerala in 2017. The mission aims to provide safe and decent housing to all landless, landless-homeless, unfinished houses, and those whose current housing in Kerala is uninhabitable within the next five years.

The LIFE Mission is implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Construction of new houses for landless and landless-homeless beneficiaries.
  • Phase 2: Completion of unfinished houses.
  • Phase 3: Renovation of uninhabitable houses.

The LIFE Mission is a collaborative effort between the Government of Kerala and local self-government bodies. The state government provides financial assistance to local self-government bodies for the construction and renovation of houses.

The LIFE Mission is one of the most ambitious affordable housing schemes in India. The mission has already made significant progress, and over 4 lakh houses have been constructed or renovated under the scheme so far.

Eligibility criteria for the LIFE Mission

To be eligible for the LIFE Mission, beneficiaries must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be residents of Kerala.
  • They must be landless or landless-homeless.
  • Their annual income should not exceed Rs. 3 lakh.
  • They should not be government employees.
  • They should have a ration card issued by the Government of Kerala.

How to apply for the LIFE Mission

Beneficiaries can apply for the LIFE Mission online through the official website or offline at their nearest local self-government office. The application form requires basic information about the beneficiary and their household.

Benefits of the LIFE Mission

The LIFE Mission offers a number of benefits to beneficiaries, including:

  • A free or subsidized house.
  • Assistance with obtaining a loan to purchase a house.
  • Assistance with finding a job.
  • Assistance with starting a small business.

The LIFE Mission is a landmark initiative by the Government of Kerala to provide safe and decent housing to all its citizens. The mission is making a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of people in Kerala.

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