What is a Villament?

Villaments are a growing trend in India, and refer to standalone villas that are developed within the confines of an apartment complex. They offer a unique blend of the privacy and space of a standalone villa combined with the amenities and security of an apartment complex. Villaments, a modern fusion of luxury villas and apartments, […]

What are Real Estate Mutual Funds?

Real estate mutual funds are investment vehicles that pool money from multiple investors to purchase a diversified portfolio of real estate assets such as commercial properties, residential properties, or real estate investment trusts (REITs). The fund is managed by a professional fund manager who makes investment decisions and oversees the portfolio.

Report: Real estate investment increased by 32% in India

Real estate investment in India climbed 32% year over year to a record $7.8 billion, according to consultancy company CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd. According to CBRE’s research, India Market Monitor 2022, quarterly investment in Indian real estate increased by 64% from quarter to quarter and by 115% from year to year, totaling $2.3 billion […]

Future expectations for the real estate industry grow!

From a high of 68 in the previous quarter, housing sentiment has somewhat decreased. According to the most recent Knight Frank-NAREDCO Index of Housing Sentiment Report Q2 2022, amid a rapidly shifting economic climate, it has now dropped to 62.  According to the study, “the reading of the current sentiment index decreased, while it remained […]

Dubai’s most affordable real estate neighbourhoods!

The amended Golden Visa regulations have increased demand for home ownership in Dubai by lowering the minimum limit for foreign nationals investing in real estate in Dubai. In accordance with the amended Golden visa relaxation, the minimum investment amount has been reduced from AED 5 million to AED 2 million. Furthermore, the visa duration is […]

All To Know About Legal Heir Certificate!

Following Indian inheritance law, a Certificate of Legal Heir is a significant official document provided by government organizations that aid in establishing the link between a deceased person and their legal heirs. It enables the transfer of a dead person’s whole estate to surviving family members. Real estate transactions involve the transfer of financial claims […]

TDS on property sale and purchase!

An individual’s income is subject to an indirect tax known as TDS. The TDS is withheld at source from both recurring and one-time income at the time of payment. For instance, if someone wins the lottery, their proceeds will be distributed to them after the appropriate withholding tax has been subtracted. The same holds for […]

How to handle property encroachment in India?

Processing is the act of infringing on the owner’s property rights. A person breaks the law or purposefully penetrates a building or piece of property, or expands their building into another person’s property. Property invasion and land invasion are frequently used interchangeably, however, there is little difference between the two. 

About the Delhi Rent Control Act!

The Delhi Rent Control Act was passed by the Indian government in 1958 to safeguard migrants residing in leased Delhi. After the partition, it was meant to aid in population relocation and promote the social acceptability of families in India. Agency. The Delhi Rent Control Act protects tenants’ rights against early eviction. Additionally, it offered […]

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