Gift of Property in India: Navigating Legalities and Emotions

Gifting a property is a gesture that goes beyond the ordinary realms of generosity, encapsulating both emotional and financial dimensions. In India, where traditions intertwine with contemporary legalities, the process of gifting a property involves a nuanced understanding of laws, taxes, and familial customs. This article aims to be your definitive guide, providing insights tailored […]

The Best 5 Well-Planned Cities in India

India, a land of diverse landscapes and cultures, has witnessed rapid urbanization over the years. As the population continues to grow, the importance of well-planned cities becomes paramount for sustainable development. In this article, we explore the best 5 well-planned cities in India, each exemplifying thoughtful urban design, infrastructure, and quality of life. For Indian […]

India’s Real Estate Market at the End of 2023: What’s on the Horizon?

India’s economy has been on the mend with a strong GDP growth rate and an emphasis on infrastructure development. This has helped to revive the real estate market with a massive demand surge in 2023, driven by economic growth, policy reforms, and changing consumer dynamics. The upturn in the real estate market in India can […]

Global Private Credit Investors Drawn to India’s Booming Real Estate Sector

In the wake of China’s property market woes, global private credit investors are increasingly turning their attention to India, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s infrastructure initiatives are driving up property prices. In the first six months of 2023, more than $4 billion in private credit flowed into India, with more than half of that going […]

What are the Benefits of AI for the Real Estate Sector?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the planning, design, and modeling of buildings, making the process more precise and efficient. Building models are built off-site, saving time and money. AI can be used to monitor job site safety and identify hazards before they become an issue. AI algorithms can analyze many design options before the […]

Why do NRIs need a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a person who is legally responsible for the actions and misdeeds of the principal person they represent as a home-buyer. In India, many property buyers use a POA to help them with transactions related to purchasing a home. These transactions may include capital purchase of land or home, lease, […]

NRIs Travel Down to the South to Invest in Real Estate

The total NRI population in the world is 32,2 million. The largest NRI population is in the USA, with 13 percent of its population residing there. Saudi Arabia has the second largest NRI population, with 12 percent. In 2020, over 75 percent NRI population in South India looked for real estate investments, according to a […]

Yasho Bhoomi: India’s Big Bounce in Conference Tourism & Real Estate Boom!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated India’s biggest convention center, “Jasabhoomi” at Dwarka in Delhi. This ambitious project is expected to transform India’s position in the international conference tourism sector, which is estimated to be worth Rs 25 lakh crore. As a real estate specialist, I will discuss the intricacies of JASBHOMBIA’s effect on […]

India Still a Potential Market Despite the APAC Commercial Real Estate Deals’ Tough Spell in Q3!

Asia-Pacific commercial real estate hit a three-year low in third-quarter 2023, with deal volumes falling 37 percent year-on-year to $25,7 billion, according to a report from MSCI, the region’s largest commercial real estate market, and the lowest level since 2010. The report says the previous quarter was promising, but the story of a “higher for […]

The surge in senior living projects signals a transformative shift in Indian real estate!

In the midst of a dynamic transformation within the Indian real estate sector, a notable trend has surfaced, marking the substantial rise of senior living projects across the country. This burgeoning phenomenon is a result of a confluence of factors that are reshaping the societal landscape of India.

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