Kushinagar joins the list of emerging localities in Indian Real Estate

The town Kushinagar is widely known for its historical and cultural significance in Buddhism. Gautam Buddha is said to have achieved Mahaparinirvana here.

The town is also important for Hindus as it is said to be named after King Kush, son of Lord Ram. It is located in the Kushinagar district and has established its name in the tourism and hospitality industry. The district borders Bihar and is located on the National Highway 28, making it one of the better-connected towns of Uttar Pradesh.


Kushinagar UP is internationally renowned as a site of Buddhist pilgrimage. The town comes under the Kushinagar Lok Sabha constituency. Bhojpuri and Hindi are the two languages spoken widely across the town and legend says that the town was named after King Kush, the son of Lord Ram who is said to have built the town. The historical importance of Kushinagar makes it invaluable for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world. 

  • Connectivity: Kushinagar is a Nagar palika. The distance from Gorakhpur is a little over 50 kilometres and the town lies on the National Highway 28, making it easy to navigate. The centre and state governments are working in tandem to develop the airstrip of UP Civil Aviation into an international airport. The airport will become a major landmark and it will also boost tourism in Kushinagar. Gorakhpur is the major railway station that connects Kushinagar. A few years ago Kushinagar was only valued for its distance from Gorakhpur but the International Airport changed this.
  • Infrastructure:  In terms of infrastructure, Kushinagar is blessed. There is room for development but Kushinagar is home to the Buddha Postgraduate Colleges and Buddha Intermediate College. Housing a postgraduate college is a big deal for a small town and it marks a milestone in Kushinagar’s progress. Recent news suggests that Kushinagar will get an ‘infra-push’, that is, the government has big plans for the town. The Prime Minister inaugurated the International Airport in 2021. There has also been talks of the Buddha Circuit, a tourist train that will cover all the pilgrimage sites in Kushinagar in two weeks.
  • Property Price Appreciation: The property prices in Kushinagar UP begin from 4.5 lakhs and the average price of properties can extend to a little over 2 crores. The range is affordable but can one expect appreciation in property price values in the future? Well, investors have good reason to believe that Kushinagar will become a highly coveted region in the real estate market. The major reason is its tourist industry which has attracted the government’s notice. The town can thus become a part of multiple infrastructure projects, funded by the UP government for better development. If that happens, the town will see a boom in the real estate market.
The bottom line: Should you consider Kushinagar in UP for real estate investment?

Tourism thrives in Kushinagar as it is considered a Buddhist pilgrimage. This means that the hospitality industry has much to offer foreign tourists in Kushinagar. From hotels, homestays and restaurants, Kushinagar could rake in a good profit if property developers paid attention to this sector.

Kushinagar also shows promise as a residential success for home buyers. With its cheap prices, well-connected roads and a relatively higher rate of literacy, the town have the potential to develop into an urban centre. Investors can thus rest assured about high returns from real estate in Kushinagar, UP.

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