Maximizing Rental Yields: Land vs. Apartment Investment – A Comprehensive Report!

A recent Colliers’ Advisory Services (CAS) report has identified India’s top investment corridors as micro-markets. As India’s real estate industry accelerates and infrastructure continues to develop, there’s no better time to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities in the country than now. Colliers’ Consultancy Services’ latest research, ‘Top Investment Corners in India,’ has identified factors such as improved housing affordability, post-pandemic savings, improved health and wellness, and supportive investment policies as driving demand for housing across India.

The analysis showed that with the right assets, investors can get regular cash flow, great returns, tax benefits, and diversification, and it’s possible to use real estate to build wealth. Real estate investors make money through rental income, appreciation, and company operations that depend on the property. Land is a great investment for investors looking for bigger returns, especially when the rate of appreciation is higher than before. Other reasons why investors are interested in investing in land include wealth creation and diversification, as there are lots of ways to monetize land. Investors can just keep the land for a while, build a structure to rent out, have a resort, and make money from it. The real estate industry is affected by a lot of different things, but infrastructure and municipal amenities help the city grow and hurt the real estate sector.

If you’re looking to invest in land and rent it out, you can expect to get ten times more out of it than you would from ready-to-buy units. During the pandemic, there was a lot of interest in investing in areas with natural beauty and close to popular tourist spots, and this trend is only getting stronger. Mumbai is a great place to invest in real estate, as it’s the financial capital of India, an economic powerhouse, and a business hub with a thriving entertainment industry. Property prices are high, land supply is limited, and the population is growing, so it’s no surprise that the market for land in Mumbai is still in its early stages. The report also said that the corridor near tourist spots and metro cities has grown a lot since the pandemic and that infrastructure projects are being planned and built all over the country. So, if you’re looking for a second home or weekend home in India, you should expect to see a huge growth rate.

Source: News18

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