National Highway in Nagaland, Port Connectivity Highway in Kerala: The government continues its pledge to improve India’s road infrastructure.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has undertaken a number of efforts to improve the country’s road network. The government has taken many steps to increase the capacity of India’s National Highway infrastructure in order to reach and link the country’s most distant areas.

In this regard, the government has announced the building of a National Highway (NH) in Nagaland, as well as the creation of an NH in Kerala.


The government of Nagaland has chosen to construct a national highway connecting Dimapur and Kohima (Package-II). The 14.71-kilometer-long motorway is projected to be built at a cost of Rs 339.55 crore. The development of a four-lane highway intends to increase connection between the state’s capital city and other key commercial hubs, allowing for speedier movement of people and commodities for growth and prosperity.


The Kerala government has built a four-lane roadway linking the ICTT (International Container Transhipment Terminal) Vallarpadam with Kalamassery. Using reclaimed land, a port connector roadway measuring 8.721 kilometres through the backwaters of the Arabian Sea at Cochin was built.

The roadway, which cost Rs 571 crore in total, connects the North-South Corridor for freight transit to Cochin Port, easing the transfer of products. The route also improves mobility in the region’s eight seaside settlements.

The construction of National Highways (NH) is highly important in social and economic growth since it allows for the easy transfer of freight and passengers from one location to another.

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