Padma Bridge: A Gateway to Progress in Bangladesh!

Here’s a fact guide about the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh:

  1. Location: The Padma Bridge is located over the Padma River, one of the major rivers in Bangladesh. It connects the rural areas of Louhajong, Munshiganj, and Shariatpur with the capital city, Dhaka.
  2. Length and Type: The Padma Bridge is a multipurpose road and rail bridge with a total length of approximately 6.15 kilometers (3.82 miles). It is the longest bridge in Bangladesh.
  3. Construction: The construction of the Padma Bridge began in December 2015 and is expected to be completed by 2022. It is being built using the balanced cantilever method, which involves constructing segments of the bridge outward from the piers in a balanced manner.
  4. Importance: The Padma Bridge is considered a crucial infrastructure project for Bangladesh. It will provide a direct road and rail link between the southwestern region of the country and the capital, Dhaka, significantly reducing travel time and transportation costs.
  5. Economic Impact: The completion of the Padma Bridge is expected to have a significant positive impact on the economy of Bangladesh. It will enhance regional connectivity, promote trade and commerce, and facilitate the movement of goods and services.
  6. Cost: The estimated cost of the Padma Bridge project is around 12.65 billion USD. It is being funded by the Government of Bangladesh, along with financial assistance from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other development partners.
  7. Design: The Padma Bridge has a dual carriageway with four lanes for road traffic. It also includes a separate railway track, allowing for the future integration of rail services. The bridge is designed to withstand earthquakes and cyclonic weather conditions.
  8. Benefits: The completion of the Padma Bridge will bring numerous benefits to the people of Bangladesh. It will improve transportation connectivity, reduce travel time, promote tourism, create employment opportunities, and stimulate economic growth in the surrounding regions.
  9. Environmental Considerations: During the construction of the bridge, several environmental measures have been taken to minimize the impact on the ecosystem. These include protecting river habitats, ensuring water quality, and implementing measures to preserve biodiversity.
  10. Tourism Potential: The Padma Bridge is expected to become an iconic landmark in Bangladesh and attract tourists from around the world. The bridge offers stunning views of the Padma River and the surrounding landscapes, making it an attractive destination for photography and sightseeing.

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