Everything you need to know about Basic Sale Price in Real Estate!

It’s critical to understand exactly where you’re investing, or you might wind up with a loss you didn’t anticipate.

All you need to know about security deposits and refund terms

A security deposit is a flat sum of money that tenants pay to their landlord before moving into a new property.

Lease vs Rent – Which one to choose?

Although both the terms – rent and lease are used interchangeably by a lot of renters, liaising a property does not equate to renting a home.

Everything you need to know about Maharashtra’s 50% reduction in real estate premiums

Almost every industry took a hit due to the wide spread of the coronavirus in 2020. One of which was real estate. Thus, to boost its growth and re instigate development rate as projected before the pandemic, state and central governments are taking numerous measures.

Instruments used by RBI or Commercial Banks to have a deep impact over your mortgage loan

To control inflation and the growth, RBI uses certain tools like cash reserve ratio, SLR ratio, Repo rate, and Reverse repo rate, CRR, and Base rate.

How to get your CIBIL Score right in 2020

Entering into a new decade, evaluating your financial score is natural. One needs to consider what he wants the next decade to bring in, whether it’s a new car, a house, or a trip abroad. Certain loans or credit cards may help you with it. This is where your credit score will likely play a […]

Understanding 5 common home loan types

For any individual being a homeowner is the most fulfilling experience. As this requires a large capital outlay, it may make sense to opt for a home loan to meet the value of the property.

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