Digital Foundations: How Proptech Investment is Reshaping India’s Real Estate!

In recent years, the real estate industry in India has witnessed a transformative wave driven by technological advancements. The emergence of Proptech, a fusion of property and technology, has been a key player in reshaping how we buy, sell, and manage real estate. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the current landscape of Proptech […]

Proptech in India: Changing the Game for Landlords!


Proptech, short for property technology, is a rapidly growing sector in India that is changing the way rental owners manage their properties. With the advent of new technologies and software platforms, rental owners can now streamline their operations, enhance tenant engagement, and maximize their rental income. In this article, we will take a closer look […]

Proptech in India: Making Affordable Housing A Reality for All!

Affordable housing has been a longstanding challenge in India, with millions of people struggling to find decent, affordable homes. However, with the advent of proptech, or property technology, in India, the landscape of affordable housing is slowly but surely changing. Proptech is revolutionizing the real estate sector in India, making affordable housing a reality for […]

Simplifying Rentals with Proptech Solutions


Now, more than ever, our lives are intertwined with technology. Right from getting up in the morning to going back to bed at night, you’ll find yourself surrounded by new-age devices.

How will PropTech benefit the consumers and developers?


Over time, innovative technologies have given disruptive solutions to the real estate market. The fusion of the words property and technology is known as Proptech. Proptech uses innovative applications or software that makes the sale and lease of real estate more efficient. 

How will Proptech play a significant role in real estate work?


Proptech may be a dynamic vast parchment that helps individuals and corporations research, buy-sell, and manage the land. It provides technological services to the sector and users access to the best grade residential and commercial real estate.

How is PropTech enabling innovation in today’s age?


Proptech is not only enabling innovation in today’s real estate market but providing diverse benefits to consumers and developers. 47% of the total population willing to purchase technology-infused homes are closing the deal after only one virtual site visit.

What are the technologies that fall under proptech?


Proptech offers an assortment of technologies that are helping to build modern homes in India. 37% of homebuyers are willing to close deals after a first site visit. And, all are looking for convenient homes.

How is consumer sentiment changing in terms of PropTech?


A total of 60% of home buyers are willing to consider Proptech technology to buy homes. Although India’s real estate digitization is underrated, the consumer perspective is slowly changing.

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