The Encumbrance Certificate: All You Need To Know!

If someone is planning to buy a house property, they must know the required documents to efficiently execute the property buying procedure.

All About Mutation Of Property and Why it is Important!

The mutation is one of the multiple legal processes that new buyers need to follow to get ownership of their home or property.

Everything you need to know about lessee!

The terms ‘lessee’ and ‘lessor’ are almost always used in rental agreements. This is particularly true if the lease is for commercial or industrial premises.

All you got to know about studio apartments

In India, what is a studio apartment? These are newly constructed living spaces known as studio apartments because of their current English attractiveness.

The importance of a guidance value of a property

Bangalore is all set to cut the guidance value of properties all across the city. The whole state of Karnataka will follow soon after and revise the guidance value of properties. What does this mean for prospective buyers and sellers of properties?

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