How will Rent Courts resolve tenant-landlord disagreements?

According to the Act, each Union Territory and State (UT/State) government in the UT may choose to represent any number of Rent Courts in the relevant geographic area. If a Rent Court currently exists in a UT or State under another law, the same could be designated as a Rent Court under the MTA as of […]

GST on residential rent to depress the demand for rental accommodation

According to real estate experts, the Goods and Services Tax on residential projects may cause a slight decline in housing demand or apartment prices, but the market may eventually adjust to the new tax laws. Since July 18, residential rents have been covered by the Internet of Goods and Services Act. Tenants may also be […]

To do Vastu Tips for your Rented House

Start by doing Grah Shanti and Sri Ganesh Puja. Pujas are advised to paint in a way that would generate a beneficial go with the flow of electricity. However, due to certain doshas in the house that produce weak electricity, this power does not last very long. A bare wall shouldn’t be the first thing […]

How can renters apply for Noida police verification?

The goal of Noida police authentication for renters is to protect the protection and reliability of your person and safety. It serves as a potential disincentive to utilising your property for unlawful purposes. Police validation informs you whether a prospective tenant has a criminal background. This identification will also let you identify and locate an […]

Why is India’s rental yield one of the lowest?

Rental yield in India’s eight biggest cities, namely Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata, has been stable for several years. Whereas the rental market has grown at a reasonable pace, the rental yield has held steady. The average return on furnished properties in India is only 3.3 percent, which is much […]

Security considerations for women living alone in rental properties

Meet your neighbors Not everyone is sociable enough to knock on a stranger’s door and introduce themselves. However, if you are a single woman living in a leased house, it is usually reasonable to teach yourself. If you happen to have some cooking skills, now is the time to put them to use.

Rent in Dubai is rising at the quickest rate since October 2014

According to the June 2022 version of the Dubai Residential Market Snapshot provided by CBRE, rental and villa rentals in Dubai are rising at the fastest rate since late 2014. The average rental and villa rentals in May 2022 were AED 83,485 and AED 249,677 per annum, respectively.

GST on rental: Everything you need to understand about the appropriate tax rate

The introduction of GST has had a considerable influence on the residential and commercial real estate industries. The rental market, like the financial market, is subject to the tax levy. Rental revenue from commercial units, for example, is subject to GST. Other regulations and exclusions of the new tax regime concerning rental properties are listed […]

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