Understanding Tenant Rights: Defending Eviction by Landlords in India!


Introduction: In India, the relationship between landlords and tenants is governed by specific laws and regulations that protect the rights of both parties. When facing eviction, tenants have certain legal defenses that they can employ to challenge the eviction notice and protect their interests. In this blog, we will explore the rights and options available […]

Rent Agreement Format and Legal Implications in India: A Deep Dive!


In India, a rent agreement is governed by the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, and the respective state’s Rent Control Act, if applicable. Here is the format, components, and legal significance of a rent agreement in India:

Unrealized Rent: Managing Cash Flow in the Rental Market!


Unrealized rent refers to rental income that has been earned but not yet received by the landlord. It occurs when tenants owe rent that is due but have not yet paid it. The landlord recognizes the rental income as earned because the tenants have occupied the property and are obligated to pay rent according to […]

Not Signing a Rent Agreement?: The Potential Pitfalls and Disadvantages!

A rent agreement is a legal contract that specifies all of the mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions between the landlord and the renter. They must pay a registration fee and appear in person at the sub-office registrar’s to complete papers and register the agreement. To save money and save paperwork, two parties may opt to […]

Why Landlord Insurance is a Must-Have for Renters in India?

If you’re a renter in India, you may be wondering if landlord insurance is something you need to consider. Landlord insurance can provide peace of mind to both landlords and tenants by protecting the property and the occupants. In this guide, we’ll discuss what landlord insurance is, what it covers, and why it’s important for […]

10 reasons why renting a home in India might not be a wise choice?


India’s real estate market has expanded significantly over the years, with several new projects and developments popping up in different locations. Although renting a home could seem like a practical choice for many, there are some reasons why it might not be a wise choice in the long run. This essay will go over 10 […]

What are the disadvantages of not signing a lease?


A lease agreement is a crucial legal instrument that outlines all the terms and limitations that the landlord and the tenant have mutually agreed upon. They must pay a registration fee and appear in person at the sub-office registrars to complete papers and register the agreement. To save money and save paperwork, two parties may […]

Why are rental agreements only made for 11 months?

Do you ever wonder why rental agreements are only made for 11 months? And why is one required when renting out a property? A rent agreement is essential because it protects the interests of both the tenant and the landlord. It is the most prudent course of action.

About the Delhi Rent Control Act!

The Delhi Rent Control Act was passed by the Indian government in 1958 to safeguard migrants residing in leased Delhi. After the partition, it was meant to aid in population relocation and promote the social acceptability of families in India. Agency. The Delhi Rent Control Act protects tenants’ rights against early eviction. Additionally, it offered […]

Rising housing prices and rental costs in India pose a new inflationary concern.

Rising property prices and rental rates in major Indian cities may provide a tough opportunity to the country’s central bank in its fight against inflation, economists warn, even if apparent consumer price increases have largely peaked.

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