Tellapur is a profitable investment area in Hyderabad for a number of reasons

Hyderabad was already regarded as among India’s most attractive cities to live in for several years. It is one of the top ten fastest-growing cities in the world, as per World Economic Forum.

Hyderabad is steadily developing into an attractive site for real estate investment, with the amount of Fortune 500 firms expanding, transforming infrastructure, and a significant migration of people from other areas of the country. Hyderabad, South Asia’s fastest-growing city, has quite a fantastic climate, a solid job environment, and a diverse population, so it’s no wonder that people are coming here.

There are many alternatives for upscale 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK homes, there’s many luxury duplex and triplex villas available among big gated communities. Purchasing an apartment or villa in a gated community in Tellapur, West Hyderabad, is frequently regarded as a solid financial decision due to its much better capital growth potential. Tellapur is among the most popular investment sites in West Hyderabad, owing to the growing percentage of inquiries from potential homebuyers, as well as the chances and facilities it offers.

Tellapur’s strong residential investment is subject to a series of factors.

Efficient connectivity

For its closeness towards the Financial District’s IT hub and the Outer Ring Road, Tellapur is among West Hyderabad’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods (ORR). Tellapur has become a very wealthy residential choice featuring various amenities and services because to its prime point. Besides the ORR’s continuous road link to the city’s other prominent attractions, Tellapur is now constructing an internal 6-lane road that is designed to minimise traffic congestion and make transportation easier.

The Miyapur Metro Station is the closest metro station to Tellapur, while the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is around 29 kilometres distant.

The strategic position

Tellapur, a residential neighbourhood in Gachibowli, has grown in popularity in recent years. Because of its proximity to major landmarks such as the Financial District, Kokapet, Narsingi, and Gachibowli, so many Hyderabad’s top-rated developers are thinking about building premium luxury apartments and villas here. People can avoid traffic by taking the Outer Ring Road, which is about 5 minutes away from Tellapur. The short distance from the Financial District’s IT hub offers a shorter commute and an improved employee harmony.

Tellapur is also a dream destination for real estate developers and investors, featuring significant hospitals, businesses, academic facilities, parks, premium restaurants, shopping centers, and banks. This is one of Hyderabad’s most serene residential areas, with plenty of flora and natural terrain for inhabitants to appreciate.

Social infrastructure

Tellapur’s outstanding infrastructural expansion rate is among the reasons and it’s so appealing to potential homebuyers. The roadways are now being enlarged and linked with projected flyovers and underpasses. The 100-foot road connection from Tellapur to the ORR exit adds to the ease, allowing people to enjoy a comfortable run and arrive at their destination swiftly. Tellapur locals also have access to excellent social infrastructure.

Luxury lifestyle

Millennial homebuyers are drawn to a luxury lifestyle; for them, enjoying the “happy life” entails dwelling in high-end apartments and villas in a prestigious neighbourhood. A rich lifestyle requires comfort, and plush is the modern hallmark of wealth. Tellapur, Hyderabad’s new luxury residential location, caters to all of these desires of youthful homebuyers.

The majority of Tellapur’s gated community residences provide the highest level of convenience and comfort. Convenience and comfort are what famous builders are looking forward to delivering their potential millennial owners, from creches, clinics, ATMs, supermarkets and city bus bays to fine-dining restaurants, luxury spas, and world-class gyms.

Investment opportunity

HMDA has developed Tellapur as an organized residential community. This area will be merged with residential, industrial, educational establishments, treatment centers, highways, domestic transit systems such as electric vehicles, and vast pockets of greenery in the design and utility services, as per urban planners.

Furthermore, because property prices in Tellapur have been continuously rising in recent years, it is one of the greatest areas in West Hyderabad for real estate investment.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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