The Best Posh Areas To Live in Chennai!

  1. Boat Club

Boat Club, perhaps Chennai’s most affluent neighborhood, is home to the top politicians, businesspeople, actors, and companies in the city.  Boat Club, a large and peaceful neighborhood, manages to keep its attractiveness with botanical magnificence despite the Adyar river walking by its side. The area is also well known for the nearby Madras Boat Club, which is one of India’s oldest rowing establishments and the site of several illustrious Indian Rowing Championships. Boat Club is one of the best investments for a home despite having few commercial buildings aside from some of the nice town’s eateries and extremely expensive real estate. With the help of the neighboring bungalows’ preserved colonial history and natural flora, your home will generally be serviced pleasantly.

  1. Gopala Puram 

Gopalapuram is not just one of Chennai‘s most affluent neighborhoods, but it is also one of the most densely populated. The Easwari Library, the Semmozhi Poonga botanical park, and the former Chief Minister Karunanidhi, as well as a well-known cricketer you may recognize by using the call of MS Dhoni, are all located in the neighborhood. It also has one of the oldest libraries in existence. Gopalapuram boasts a large number of established educational institutions, several ancient temples, and recreational areas. The neighborhood takes pride in housing some of Chennai’s most expensive homes.

  1. Adyar

Its namesake Adyar or Adaiyaaru is one of Chennai’s most exclusive and posh neighborhoods, and it is located on the southern banks of the river Adyar. Since it is home to some of the town’s oldest houses, this area has managed to maintain its colonial-era history. This area of the town is also one of the greenest, and Elliot’s coastline is not far away. Given that it is also adjacent to the affluent residents of Besant Nagar, residences in Adyar are likewise quite expensive, costing roughly four times as much as a property of equivalent length in northern Chennai. Gandhi Nagar is considered to be the most upscale neighborhood in Chennai, according to Adyar.

  1. Besant Nagar 

Look no further than the seaside charm of the city if you’re not looking for one of the most expensive, but rather one of the nicest upscale areas in Chennai. Besant Nagar, which takes its name from the fictitious theosophist Annie Besant, is distinct for both its opulent homes and for being the center of the community’s social life. The area has access to several bodies of water, including the Chennai River, the Bay of Bengal Sea shoreline, and Elliot’s Beach. When you consider colonial times, the area has a rich history that has served to provide the affluent communities of today with upscale cafés, restaurants, and shops. Elliot’s Beach, a popular vacation destination nearby, is a popular destination for both young and old. With the Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple, the Velankanni Church, and the Arulmigu Mahalakshmi Temple nearby on Besant Nagar Beach, the town is also a popular destination for spiritual pilgrims.

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