The revenue department of Delhi issued a property documentation guidelines for sub-registrars

A few guidelines for the sub-registrars on the documentation of properties have been issued by the Revenue Department of Delhi’s government. This is done to provide efficient and effective registration services to the public.

The Divisional Commissioner, Sanjiv Khirwar, issued a few guidelines last week which say that all the sub-registrar’s should make sure that they have strict compliance with all provisions of the Indian Stamp Act (1899) and the Registration Act (1908).

There are a few documents that require registration: Lease deed for a term exceeding one year, mortgage deed, partition deed, gift deed, sale deed, and non-testamentary instruments.

Any document other than the above-mentioned shall be given for registration within four months of their execution. The registrar may allow a document to be presented after the permissible limit only if a payment of a 10-fold fine is done. The delay should not be more than four months in such cases. They also mentioned that no other person except for those parties to the witnesses and documents will be allowed to enter the office of the sub-registrar or present any documents.

Aadhaar Number of enrolment slips will be used to identify the parties involved in the registration services. The party will be asked to enroll for an Aadhar card immediately at the Centre if they don’t have it or an enrolment slip.

The sub-registrar is to make an endorsement that states that the person executing the documentation of properties has admitted that he or she is aware of the main features of the contents of the instrument. The endorsement will be signed under sections 58 and 52 of the Registration Act by the sub-registrars. This will happen immediately after the concerned parties have submitted their instrument duly executed.

The sub-registrar will immediately issue a system-generated deficiency memo through the DORIS (Delhi Online Registration Information System) if any discrepancy is found. The documentation of properties will not be kept pending after the expiry of the time period given in the memo. According to the guidelines, any information received by the sub-registrar about any dispute with respect to the property should be uploaded on DORIS.

After this, the sub-registrar will give a system-generated notice to the concerned party through DORIS, which will provide them with a time period of three days to produce a stay order from the competent Delhi court of law.

Unless there is a stay order granted by the Delhi court to restrain the transfer of the property, the sub-registrar will not keep any documentation of properties pending on the grounds of any worthless complaint made by a party.

A document that doesn’t have any discrepancy or dispute must be registered by the day after the day of the presentation of documents. Also, one should ensure that the registered documents are delivered on the same day. The certificate of registration is only to be endorsed once the provisions of sections 35, 34, 59, and 58 of the Registration Act have been complied with. Evidence of the document being duly registered will be a certificate of registration.

The sub-registrar will only issue the certificate of registration under Section 60 Act once the document is made complete and scrutinized under inspection. Regular monitoring of the sub-registrar’s office is also provided. The registrar that is concerned will make a consolidated assessment report and forward it to the IGR ( inspector general of registration) every month.

The teams assigned to inspect will check all the documents presented for registration at the office along with the number of documents that are delivered in a time-bound manner.

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