Tips to have a perfect Grih Pravesh!

A griha Pravesh rite, also known as Grah Pravesh or the home warming rite, is a Hindu puja rite done when one enters a new home for the first time to purify the environment and protect the home from negative energy. When it comes to buying a home or moving to a new location, Indians are notoriously unusual when it comes to shubh muhurats.

They agree that performing a griha Pravesh ceremony on a lucky day will bring them great wealth. Typically, the priest determines the auspicious dates for the Graha Pravesh puja or the house warming ceremony relying completely on the astrological charts. 

Keep your entire home clean 

The first thing you should get for the house is a broom, so you can clean up any mess before the ceremony and start over. Before doing the Griha Pravesh puja, make sure the entire house is thoroughly cleaned to make it seem pleasant. This will bring positive energy and precise power into your new home. Before commencing the puja, mop every nook and cranny of your home. 

Decorate your entrance 

Rangolis are associated with the festive season and are said to bring good luck and fortune. Draw one near to the entrance before performing a Griha Pravesh puja with rice flour and rangoli colors found within the bazaar. Make ensuring it isn’t in the way of people entering the residence.

Sprinkle your home with Gangajal

Gangajal should be strewn throughout the house. Keep Gangajal in a separate Kalash in an underused corner of your house, surrounded by raw mango leaves. Use those leaves to splatter water all over the place. Gangajal is said to have a cleansing effect that removes negative energy from the home. 

Lighten and brighten your home

On the day of the Griha Pravesh, make sure the entire home, especially the main entrance, is well lighted. There must be no darkness in the immediate neighborhood of the house. To liven up the home, choose lights, LED lighting, or fairy illumination. Lighting an earthen lamp is thought to bring good luck and good energy. 

When it comes to performing a Griha Pravesh ritual for a leased home, people are usually under duress. It is recommended to perform a Griha Pravesh puja for a rented house since it is an auspicious procedure. Experts believe that performing a Griha Pravesh ceremony, even in a leased home, can aid in casting out negative energy and bringing in positive energy for a peaceful and prosperous life. 

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