Tis Hazari- An Old Delhi Commercial Property Hub

Tis Hazari is a neighbourhood in Delhi located to the south of the city’s northern slope. Tis Hazari Courts Complex is well-known in this area. It also has numerous notable academic institutions and institutions, all of which are conveniently accessible by any method of transportation. Tis Hazari is a commercial property hotspot with an average property price of Rs 1 crore. Today’s blog covers all about Tis Hazari Court’s location, facilities, and history.

Tis Hazari’s Biography

Tis Hazari was formerly a garden established by Shah Jahan during his reign over Delhi. Several princesses adored the garden, so Shah Jahan gave it to Zeb-un-Nisa (Aurangzeb’s daughter) as a domain. Zen-un-Nisa was buried here, and subsequently, Malika-e-Zamani Begum, wife of Mohammed Shah Rangeela, held equivalent capabilities over Tis Hazari and was buried here as well.

Nevertheless, Tis Hazari’s fortunes plummeted during the Revolt of 1857, and it was demolished past remembrance. The garden had been converted into a bleak wasteland, and all of the trees had been removed. Tis Hazari’s fortunes were recovered only after India gained independence. 

Following independence, it became a spot where people celebrated Lohri and Basant Panchami for a few years before becoming a residential neighbourhood. Although around 30,000 trees were grown in the region, the land rights were granted to the government.

Court Complex Tis Hazari

Tis Hazari’s name is now inextricably intertwined with the name of the Tis Hazari Court Complex. Tis Hazari Court Complex construction began in 1953 and was completed five years later, in 1958. The Complex was opened by Chief Justice A.N Bhandari, then Chief Justice of the Punjab High Court. Tis Hazari Court is still a major courthouse in Delhi, with a variety of services.

This complex also houses the Treasury of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, as well as a branch of the State Bank of India with A.T.M. facilities, one Post Office, three libraries for attorneys, and one library for Judicial Officers.

To summarise: It is Hazari Delhi.

Tis Hazari is located in Old Delhi, which has a rich history and is steadily becoming a commercial centre of Delhi. Tis Hazari Court is well-known, but it also houses Queens Mary Convent School and St Stephens Hospital. You may also go shopping at tourist sites including Mutiny Memorial, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, and Majnu ka Tila. If you are seeking for a home or business space, you may get one at a reasonable price. We hope this post has informed you about the Tis Hazari neighbourhood.

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