WBM Roads: The Cost-Effective Solution for Low-Volume Traffic Areas!

WBM stands for Water Bound Macadam, which is a type of road construction method used to build low-cost and durable roads. It is a simple yet effective way of building roads in areas with low traffic volume, where conventional methods of road construction are not feasible.

The construction of a WBM road involves several layers of materials that are laid one after the other. The first layer is the sub-grade, which is the natural soil on which the road is built. The sub-grade is compacted and leveled to provide a stable base for the road.

On top of the sub-grade, a layer of crushed stones or gravel is laid. This layer is called the sub-base and is typically around 10-15cm thick. The sub-base is also compacted to create a solid and stable foundation for the road.

Next, a layer of smaller stones or aggregates is laid on top of the sub-base. This layer is called the base course and is typically around 7-10cm thick. The base course is also compacted and leveled to provide a smooth surface for the wearing course.

Finally, a layer of finer aggregates, such as screenings or quarry dust, is laid on top of the base course. This layer is called the wearing course and is typically around 5-7cm thick. The wearing course is compacted and rolled to create a smooth and hard surface that can withstand regular traffic.

Overall, the WBM road construction method is a cost-effective and practical solution for building low-volume roads in areas with limited resources and infrastructure. It is a time-tested method that has been used for many years and can provide a durable and long-lasting road surface if constructed and maintained properly.

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