What Is R-Zone In Maharashtra?

The term R-zone is used for residential plots available in the urban and rural areas for purpose of construction.

In Maharashtra, various special planning authorities such as the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCM) & Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) have been authorized with the power to decide on plots and lands to be created under the R-zone. This is particularly important for those looking to purchase a plot or to buy house in Mumbai or in other cities of Maharashtra, as understanding the zoning regulations can significantly impact the decision-making process. In this article, we’ll discuss the various categories of R-zone along with the risks associated with these plots and other frequently asked questions by the people.

Various Categories of R-Zones

Broadly speaking, R-zone plots can be categorized into two types:

1) Purely residential (R1 zone)

According to the planning authorities, R1 zone plots are purely for residential purposes and they lie within 12 m of the closest road in the open areas. If the area is congested, then the distance is 9 m or even less to the closest road. In this plot, one can build residential buildings without requiring the permission of the regulatory authority.

2) R2 zone

The residential zones which are at least 12 m away or more from the closest road are called the R2 zone. Another type of the R-zone plot is the plots are located 9 m or more away from the access road in tightly packed residential areas. In the R2 zone, all types of residential developments are allowed. You can even construct institutional, commercial, and medical care premises in the zone.

The distinction between the two subtypes is purely based on how far they lie from the closest access road.

Various Risks Associated With Investing In R-Zone

Like any other property, there are risks involved in R-zone properties when the title of the deed is not appropriate. You should learn ways to check R zone plots and their locations before choosing an investment option. However, there is a negligible risk when all the ownership documents are up to date and without any discrepancy.

Similarly, if you want to buy an R-zone plot, make sure that the encumbrance certificate (EC) shows no issues, other discrepancies, complaints, or disputes, among others. If the land is devoid of such doubts and has proper ownership, invest in it after checking the ready reckoner rate of the location.

Can R-zone Property Be Converted Into a Non-Agricultural (NA) Property?

As per the regulatory bodies’ latest amendment in residential zones, you are allowed convert R zone plots in Maharashtra into NA plots. An application to the local municipal corporation followed by the payment of 0.05 percent of the ready reckoner or circle rate of that location will get you the conversion certificate. However, the title of the property needs to be marketable and clear for a smooth property transaction from R-zone to N.A plot.

Further,  It needs to be confirmed that the ownership right lies with the owner or the seller only. The verification of the deed by a lawyer is necessary as well. Before signing the agreement, check the EC issued by the local sub-registrar’s office. The certificate issued must be issued by the local authority administering the land registration. Once EC confirms no pending balance of payment, complaints, or disputes, you can go ahead to convert the R-zone property into an NA plot and move ahead with your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few most frequently asked questions relating to R zone plots –

Question. Is it good to buy an R zone plot?

Answer- Yes, it is completely fine to buy the R Zone plot. You just need to make sure the title of the land is clear as well as marketable. You need to confirm and make sure that the ownership rights of the land lie with the seller and the seller only. It is best to verify the deed with a lawyer specializing in real estate deeds.

Question – What is the difference between Na and R-zone plots?

Answer – N.A means Non-Agricultural. Development of the land may depend on local laws and regulations for development. For R-zone plots refer to the relevant municipal authority site.

Question – How To Check Zone Of Land In Maharashtra?

Answer – Provided below is how you can access your land records online:

1.     Visit the official website of land records in Maharashtra – Mahabhulekh

2.     Look for the option to select the region from the menu. Select and click on ‘Go.’

3.     Now choose the 7/12 option

4.     Enter relevant details like Zila, Taluka, and Village from the dropdown menu

5.     You can enter survey number, letter survey number, first & last name, or Full name

6.     Now enter your registered mobile number and select ‘Search.’

7.     The property details will appear on your screen in the prescribed 7/12 document. You can check the zone mentioned there.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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