What is the procedure for applying for a change of land use in Delhi?

The Master Plan for 2021 in Delhi, which was established with the help of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), has divided the land into several sorts of ‘land use’ zones.

Farming, housing, business, and leisure zones are all included, as are zones for transportation, utility services, comprising radio towers, water bodies, and government property. Residences should only be built on land that has been designated for residential use rather than agricultural usage. Otherwise, the municipality has the authority to destroy it and/or prosecute its owner.

To switch the land use type of your residence from agricultural to non-agricultural, e.g., residential, you must check the DDA for Change of Land Use (CLU) certifications. A Non-Agricultural or ‘NA’ permit is a CLU authorization that allows you to change the use of your property from agriculture to something else. It is, however, vital that the zoning regulations allow for this sort of alternative.

The documents that may be needed to get CLU/NA certifications to develop residential assets are listed below:

  1. An accurate replica of the Land Map on which your private residence is placed. Land Maps are available on the official website of the Delhi Sales Department.
  2. True copies of your private home’s building, format, and location plans, officially signed with the assistance of your private home’s architect.
  3. Accurate copy of your private home’s Record of Rights (ROR). In Hindi, RORs are referred to as ‘Khata’, ‘Khatauni,’ or ‘Jamabandi.’ The RoR includes name information such as the landholder’s phone number, the parcel’s amount, and its location. RoRs may be found at dlrc.delhigovt.nic.in/
  4. Obtain a copy of your private home’s site plan from the Revenue Department.
  5. The architect’s letter of appointment comprises the information given with the help of the asset’s builder and its recognition with the help of the architect who created it.
  6. A copy of the architect’s registration certificate, indicating that he or she is qualified to coach architecture.
  7. Your driver’s license
  8. Certificates of mutation
  9. The property transfer document recognizes you as the owner of your own house. Sale deeds, present deeds, trade deeds, trade deeds, succession certificates, and division deeds are all examples of property swap documents.
  10. Certificate from the Patwari/ Talati stating that the land in question was acquired by the use of authority.

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