What you need to know about AGI loans?

An Army Group Insurance (AGI) loan is issued by private and public sector institutions to achieve various life goals of defence personnel and is overseen by the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF). AGI loans provide lower interest rates than traditional loans, a simple and minimum verification process, and flexible repayment options. here we provide a summary!

Army troops devote a significant portion of their lives to defending our country from numerous threats. They typically remain away from their families and miss various milestones along the process, one of them being creating a house for their family. To attain this purpose, the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) engages with public and commercial institutions to issue Army Group Insurance (AGI) loans to military members. Several banks advertise these house loan programmes differently than AGI loans, but the application procedure is the same. These loans come with varying interest rates compared to those charged on other loans. Home loans are available at interest rates as low as 6.90 percent.

What exactly are AGI loans?

As per current policy, AGIF gives House Building Advance to its members only while they are in active Army Service, which is repayable by the date of superannuation. Members who take out a loan or wish to take out a loan later in their service are granted a smaller loan amount due to the shorter term, which always raises the EMIs and exceeds the individual’s monthly repayment ability. In such circumstances, external banks fund the remaining amount on the existing interest rates. The AGI loans are sanctioned depending on the qualifications of the army members. The loan amount is computed depending on the wages and subsidies offered to the applicant.

Documents necessary for AGI mortgages

The application and documentation requirements for an AGI home loan are the same as for any other type of loan. To apply for a house loan, the borrower must submit an application to AGIF and the lending bank. Once AGIF has authorised the loan, the parties sign a tripartite agreement.

The Advantages of AGI Loans

Following all the intentions of AGI loans, below is the list of amenities an army person would enjoy-

  • No-hassle paperwork
  • Fast response time from lending institutions
  • Schemes that can be tailored to the needs of the home loan
  • Interest rates are at least five points lower than on typical house loans.
  • Increased availability of on-site help
  • Check for low credibility
  • Customisable repayment plans

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