Which are the safest places for women in India?


Mumbai, India’s frantic and bustling metropolis, manages to do well in terms of women’s protection. In 2019, Mumbai had a criminal offense charge of 76.5%, and the total number of offenses against women reported was 6519. The Mumbai police have a strong online and offline presence. They regularly respond to posts on social media platforms, winning Mumbaikars’ approval. Mumbai is the most secure city in India for women in 2021, because of the developed residential areas inside the city that are often guarded by the police force.


If there is one city that is the top choice for software programmers and start-ups, it is Bengaluru. Every year, people from all over the world go to this picturesque town, which is known as India’s Silicon Valley. Bangalore has a low crime rate of 85.9%, while 3486 cases of crimes against women were reported in 2019. The Suraksha App and the police hotline Vanitha Sahaya Vani are two instances of how the Bengaluru City Police are highly active in supporting people in need.The cops may be called and may hurry to your area. The police hotline protects women from domestic violence and saves them from all sorts of abuse.


Kolkata is India’s third safest city for women in 2021. This pleasure town is unquestionably a pleasant place for females to visit and explore. For the year 2019, the crime rate in Kolkata, West Bengal has increased to 32. The total number of reported offenses against women has risen to 2176. It should be noted that Kolkata has consistently ranked at the top of the list for women’s safety. Experts say that a more approachable and visible police force, as well as locals who are aware of and eager to aid women, make the town a desirable place for women to study, work, and live.


Pune is quickly becoming one of the major IT centers in the United States, with a number of multinational corporations establishing offices there. In 2019, the crime rate in Pune increased to 58.1 percent, with 1390 different types of crimes committed against women. Pune is home to a diverse group of women who work alone. The PGs and houses in this area are under 24-hour security observation, and the streets are monitored by CCTV.

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