10 National Highway projects in Uttar Pradesh to improve connectivity

On January 7, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari officially lay the foundation stone for ten nationwide toll road projects totaling 336 kilometers and costing Rs 14,169 crore in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

Connectivity and traffic issues at pilgrimage and tourist destinations could be eased with the completion of the Mathura-Hathras-Budaun-Bareilly Highway.

The metropolis of Agra would be free of traffic bottlenecks once a pass connecting the Agra Inner Ring Road and the Yamuna Expressway is built. The brass industry will benefit from the production of Agra-Jalesar-Etah street. The Minister also announced the improvement of Braj’sKosi Parikrama Marg, which stretches for eighty-four kilometers. This route could be designated as a new National Highway and protected as part of the Bharatmala Project Phase II. He went on to say that this route will be built in the same fashion as Ayodhya’s eighty-four-kilometerKosi Parikrama Marg and would connect all of the area’s important pilgrimage sites. Apart from Mathura, this route will pass through Rajasthan and Haryana’s border districts, he noted.

Overall, these responsibilities will make it easier to communicate information and do business. The glass and bangle business takes on a new lease on life. With the advent of those Highway projects, there may be a cash boost as well as an increase in job opportunities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lay the foundation stone for the Ganga Expressway in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on Saturday, saying that the major project will not only increase connectivity but also boost economic development in the region. PM Modi highlighted at the event that the Ganga Expressway will open doors of opportunity for Uttar Pradesh. He further stated that the project will provide opportunities for a large number of people because it will bring in business and create jobs.

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