5 easy ways to Give Your Simple Home a ‘Royal’ Touch

Adding a touch of luxury to your living room renovation doesn’t have to be expensive, Simple as using rich colors, textures, and textiles with a few creative changes and additions, you can transform yours.

Consider the following living room ideas for a royal house:

  • Royal Colours

Colours are quite significant when it comes to giving your property a regal look. Use opulent colours that are vibrant and striking. Here are few colours you should try

  • The colour red is associated with passion and power. It represented luxury in old-fashioned design, with soft couches and a worn carpet so dark it was practically purple.
  • Blue is a popular hue in interior design because of the impression of serenity it evokes. A deep, brilliant blue is suggestive of the sea or a starry night sky.
  • Antiques

If you want to add an imperial touch to your home, go for antiques. Decorate your bedroom and living room with them to see how your entire space transforms like never before.

Adding antiques gives an imperial touch to your home. Try decorating your living room with them and watch as your entire space transforms in ways you’ve never seen before.

Hang a Roman numeral clock on one of the walls or keep one on the table. These were formerly a component of any royal residence and retain their allure.

  • Mirror

It’s impossible to imagine a royal living room without a mirror. You might remember seeing in ancient movies when the kingly abodes featured a giant wall-mirror with gilded borders, giving it a regal aura. Even if you don’t have a mirror that excellent, you may still make your living room appear regal. To give your wall a regal appearance, the mirror should be huge and of good quality, with hand-carved gold ornate frames.

  • Portraits

No one enjoyed paintings and portraits more than the royals. If you want to be like them, you must complete one, two, or many tasks!

  • White walls imply a sense of calm and tranquilly all around you. They’re a really nice choice. When the living area is large, it offers a royal appearance.
  • The appearance of a modern design living room is comparable to that of a hotel room. Light hues, such as brown, cream, or grey, can be used in modern design living rooms.
  • Bedroom decoration

When planning your royal design, bear in mind innovative methods to decorate your space. Include at least one bed with royal themes in your master bedroom. You may have a king-size bed with designer grills, cushions, and covers.

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