Because flowers have great power: all about Floral prints and Patterns

Are you thinking about bringing some vibe and aura into your old boring bedroom? Then just don’t think twice and go patterns and designs that have been ruling the market these days- yes the floral prints.

Believe me, floral trends are so in fashion whether it is your bedroom or your kitchen florals just rock. The beautiful combination of fine design and different mixture of colors is what makes floral work like no other.

Floral wasn’t in existence until the 1600s in South and East Asia. At that time the floral patterns were all about culture and traditions. The most popular were the Chintz patterns from India and eye-catching Lotuses from China. After some years the west took inspiration from the East and these legendary designs spread all around the world.

Today with advanced innovation and technology it is possible to reproduce any complex design on clothes without making any hassle. Not just that but floral prints are quite affordable too.

In this era, you’ll find floral designs dominating everyone’s houses from wooden doors to carvings on the bedpost, from curtains to bedsheets, and from wallpapers to lambs. floral designs bring out a very soft aura in the house.

Now many of you must have heard that florals are kinda girlish. But that’s not true yes they are lovely only if you pick the right design or print to go with your style. If you choose fine and soft patterns with warm and light colors such as yellow, pink, and blue they create a very elegant look. But if choose flower patterns that are too dark and vibrant then they kinda look gaudy.

Always go for patterns with dark colors and white or off-white background. Such patterns look very cool in bedsheets, wallpapers, sofa fabrics. When you go all floral it is important to decide what you want to showcase. If you want something novel then go for subtle prints and light-colored designs. If you want the intensity and power then opt for bigger prints with dark colors.

Final thoughts

Floral designs will continue to eclipse the décor and textile industry in a long run. Whether it is light or bright, it is alright to create art with any combinations. Just keep in mind that whatever you choose matches your style and preference. This trend ain’t gonna go anywhere for a longer time.

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