About Electric Car Charging Stations in Dubai

Electric-driven motors (EVs) look to be making a real advancement within the nation, in conjunction with the UAE’s green electricity objectives. The government has focused on the need to fix pricing issues since more people are showing interest in such cars. The city of Dubai has a large number of electric vehicle charging stations, which is convenient for EV owners. Here is all you need to know about electric vehicle charging in Dubai if you already own an electric car or are considering purchasing one.

Here are some different methods you may use to price your electric vehicle in Dubai.

Put your electric car on charge at home

You may easily price your automobile as a home appliance, just like any other. The EV chargers can be connected to the rear of the meter, but the monthly DEWA bill will charge you for the energy you consumed at the standard residential rate.

V Green Charger Initiative by DEWA Green Chargers

DEWA announced several incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles. With the EV Green Charger Initiative, DEWA hopes to make Dubai one of the world’s most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly cities. The initiative, which was unveiled in 2015, planned to provide public charging stations for electric cars around Dubai. The goal of installing those EV charging stations is to encourage people to switch from conventional to electric engines in their cars. It is also seen as a superb move in achieving Dubai’s strategic objective of reducing carbon emissions. The following are a few of the well-known electric cars in the UAE:

Tesla Model S: The new Tesla Model S’s first charge is AED 346,180. Numerous pre-owned Tesla Model S are also available for cheap prices.

Tesla Model 3: The new Tesla Model 3 has a starting charge of AED 213,580 inside the UAE. On the other hand, you may buy a used Tesla Model 3 in Dubai.

Chevrolet Bolt: The brand-new Chevrolet Bolt starts at AED 168,000 in Dubai. Used Chevrolet Bolts are readily available and reasonably priced.

Additionally, Tesla charging stations are available throughout the UAE, where you can easily charge your vehicle.

Services for EV Green charger cards

To pay the monthly charging fees in Dubai, DEWA provides the EV Green Charger Card Service. Simply register at the DEWA website, and you may get the provider card with ease.


You may update, deactivate, and request a new EV Charging card online thanks to DEWA. You may obtain a card within three working days if you apply for one online using the DEWA website or mobile app. However, if you check in through a DEWA Happiness Center, the Green Charger card may already be granted.


It is important to note that the EV Green Charger card will only be registered under the same call as your Emirates ID, Mulkiya, and driving license in this situation. To use the card, you must pay a 500 AED refundable protection deposit.

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