Dubai: A new rental index that takes building quality and amenities into account

Dubai‘s new condo index may be based entirely on residences rather than projects inside communities and neighborhoods. According to industry assets, the brand-new building index will be based entirely on the super mega-celebrity scores of each building, its quality, and the amenities it provides to the residents.

Rich Indians are purchasing homes in Dubai, London, and New York at lower costs

The covid-19 epidemic may have also delayed international travel plans, but it hasn’t stopped Indian HNIs from looking for other countries to establish permanent residence there, either as long-term residents or citizens. Rich Indians once again topped the list of those looking into “citizenship-through-investment” or “residence-through-investment” programs in 2020. According to a facilitating agency, the […]

Report: UAE records unprecedented growth in residential real estate

According to data provided by ZāZEN Properties, Dubai has set a 12-year high within the 0.33 sector in terms of the volume and price of the sale of off-the-plan and secondary properties. In the first half of this year, Dubai’s off-plan market had a 133% surge, and in the third quarter of 2022, 25,456 revenue […]

UAE Golden Visa reforms will spur growth in the vacation home and real estate markets in Dubai

Golden Visa, a 10-year residence program, has sparked significant interest among foreign purchasers to purchase property in Dubai, which has become one of the most well-known financial centers on the planet. According to Zoom Property Insights, Dubai is expected to attract a significant chunk of the global citizenship-through-funding sector, which is expected to grow five […]

Real estate in Dubai: Europeans now outnumber Russians as the top buyers

The real estate boom in Dubai has drawn foreign buyers looking for second homes or investments. We all agree that Russian buyers have historically been more active in the UAE and have a tendency to choose waterfront properties, according to Sean McCauley of the Denmark Group, who spoke with Arabian Business.

News: Dubai’s Luxury Property Market Is Cashing in on the Global Slowdown

The emirate’s phenomenal growth is luring a horde of extravagantly rich customers. In March, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani sold an $80 million house in Dubai for his youngest son, setting a new record for the city’s real estate market. A few weeks later, a different customer paid 302.5% ($82.4%) million for an eight-bedroom, 18-bathroom property […]

Russians are Dubai’s leading property buyers, followed by Indians in third place

Russian buyers are now the top purchasers of real estate in Dubai, surpassing those from India, the United Kingdom, and Italy. According to brokerage Betterhomes’ third-zone 2022 study, Russian buyers came in first, followed by those from the UK, India, Germany, France, the US, Pakistan, Lebanon, Canada, and Romania.

About Electric Car Charging Stations in Dubai

Electric-driven motors (EVs) look to be making a real advancement within the nation, in conjunction with the UAE’s green electricity objectives. The government has focused on the need to fix pricing issues since more people are showing interest in such cars. The city of Dubai has a large number of electric vehicle charging stations, which […]

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