Ahmedabad’s skyscraper residential project is in a limbo

Ahmedabad is getting its tallest residential building at Science City. This skyscraper residential project is 110 meters tall and has 30 floors. But currently, the project is stuck in limbo.

The reason behind this is that the state government’s urban development department had recently announced the finalization of the DCR (Development Control Regulations) in May, but is still to constitute a technical committee that involves government experts and engineering institutions. The committee arranged for this was to look into the building design and run simulation studies on its horizontal load. This would determine how the new skyscraper of Ahmedabad city would react during an earthquake.

After being intimidated by the State government last week, the AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) is currently examining the project. If the project is okayed, it will be at 92.4-meter building height of the 3 skyscrapers that are expected to be built on the Sabarmati riverfront. According to the AMC, the skyscraper residential project of Ahmedabad city will consist of 348 units which are spread over a 14,000 sq. yard plot and is right opposite Science City.

The carpet area of 3 and 4 BHK apartments will be 3,500 sq ft, 4,500 sq ft, and 5,500 sq ft. Prakash Karsan Patel, the developer of the project said that the DCR was finalized approximately 2 months back and he had submitted the project 8 months earlier for consideration. Since the 2001 earthquake, the maximum limit of a building was usually restricted to 45m under the current DCR. In 2017, it was raised to 70m which means 22 or 23 floors.

According to the new policy for tall buildings which was announced in August 2020, if a road of at least 30m width adjoined the area, the builders could make sky their limit. A NOC has to be procured by the developer from the Airports Authority of India (AAI) or the Union Civil Aviation ministry.

A few sources in the AMC said that the skyscrapers can be built in zones that have an FSI or Floor Space Index of more than 1.2. Although the new policy allows a Floor Space Index of 5.4, the developer would have to pay for an FSI at 50% above 1.2 of the jantri value of the NAL (Non-agricultural Land).

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