Aligning Your Space with Vastu Compass: A Complete Beginner’s Guide!

Vastu Compass, also known as Vastu Shashtra Compass, is a specialized tool used to align buildings, rooms, furniture, and other structures according to Vastu principles. Here’s an overview of the types of Vastu Compasses available, where to get them, and how to use them.

Types of Vastu Compass:

  1. Traditional Vastu Compass: This type of compass is made of copper and brass and is used to determine the direction of North, East, South, and West. It has various markings that help align structures based on Vastu principles.
  2. Digital Vastu Compass: This type of compass is a digital device that helps in determining the correct directions according to Vastu principles. It is easy to use and portable.

Where to Get Vastu Compass:

Vastu Compasses can be found at local stores that sell traditional Indian handicrafts and spiritual tools. You can also find them online on e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay.

How to Use Vastu Compass:

  1. Determine the Center: First, find the center point of the room or building that you want to align.
  2. Place the Compass: Place the Vastu Compass at the center of the room or building.
  3. Align with North: Align the Compass with the North direction.
  4. Determine the Directions: Use the markings on the compass to determine the directions of East, West, and South.
  5. Align the Furniture and Structures: Use the markings on the compass to align the furniture and structures in the room or building according to Vastu principles.

It’s important to note that Vastu principles are not a substitute for good design and common sense. Using a Vastu Compass can help you align structures according to Vastu principles, but it’s also important to consider the practicality and functionality of the space.

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