Could you enhance a house’s Vastu Shastra without undergoing structural changes?

People used to spend their work and attention constructing their homes from the ground up. Making a Vastu-compliant home was not a tough endeavour because the land was abundant and easily available. Locating a property that followed Vastu Shastra requirements became difficult as consumer tastes shifted in preference for flats and premade bungalows. There is a common misconception that Vastu flaws cannot be rectified without structural adjustments. On the flip, there are a variety of do-it-yourself ways to enhance Vastu without making any structural adjustments.

Tips for enhancing Vastu in the bedroom without making structural modifications

  • Keep televisions and laptops out of the bedroom.
  • Never go to bed with your head looking south. It is critical to understand the optimum Vastu direction for sleeping.
  • Avoid having any water or plants in the bedroom.
  • On a double bed, avoid using different mattresses. Use only a single double-size mattress and bed covers.
  • Organize the furniture such that it forms a square, circle, or octagon.
  • Position the bed away from any beams.
  • Make sure that the cabinets and beds are near to the south-west wall and away from the north-east wall.
  • Place the currency box in the south, and the almirah door should open to the north.

Tips for enhancing Vastu in the kitchen without making structural modifications

  • Position the television and laptops in the living room’s south-east corner. Stop placing it in the north-east or south-west corner.
  • Bright lights should be used to illuminate the corners.
  • Display a photograph of a bright dawn on the living room’s southern wall.
  • Install a bright light close to the entrance.
  • Keep an aquarium in the living room’s northeast corner. It should have nine goldfish and one black fish, as this is said to be highly auspicious for the family.
  • A joyful family photo might also be displayed in the living room.
  • Your dining area should be hidden from view from the front door.

Tips for enhancing Vastu in the kitchen without making structural modifications

  • Keep a mirror out of the kitchen.
  • The gas stove must be in the kitchen’s south-east corner, and the chef should face east when cooking.
  • Arrange the drinking water at the kitchen’s northeast corner.
  • If you keep baskets and cleaning products in the kitchen, make sure they are not apparent.

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