All about Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority

The Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA) is a self-supporting body established by the Karnataka government in 1985 under the BMRDA Act.

The framework was established to plan, manage, and monitor the orderly development of areas inside Bengaluru’s metropolitan area. The BMRDA also conducts surveys from time to time. The reviews that were generated as a result of this are being utilized to put up plans for the town. In this post, we’ll at BMRDA’s energy and features.

  • To encourage the completion of those tasks that are contemplated inside the form plan.
  • To develop a firm plan for the Bangalore metropolitan region’s improvement.
  • Survey the Bangalore Metropolitan Region and compile reviews based on the results.
  • To ensure that the metropolitan planning scheme and the enhancement of the Bangalore Metropolitan Region are carried out in a consistent and coordinated manner following the mentioned schemes.
  • To develop as well as extra plans that are necessary for enforcing the Bangalore Metropolitan Region’s shape plan.
  • To coordinate the activities of the Bangalore Development Authority, the Bangalore Municipal Corporation, the Bangalore Water Supply, and Sewerage Board, the Karnataka Slum Clearance Board, the Karnataka Electricity Board, the Karnataka Industrial Areas.
  • To carry out such various actions and things as may be entrusted by the Government or as may be necessary for, or incidental or conducive to, the advancement of the objectives for which the Authority is created.
  • To delegate the execution of any development plan or city planning strategy to any local authority.
  • To increase funding for any project or program aimed at improving the Bangalore Metropolitan Region, as well as to assist local governments within the region in carrying out such projects or schemes.

Development Board, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, and other organizations involved in improving sports in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region.

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