Bengaluru: 91% of land for Silk Board Metro acquired

One of the critical linkages among the current Metro developments in the Central Silk Board to the Airport Terminal. It not only links several technology hubs.

(which may be found all around the outer ring road), but also to the airport line. One of the most difficult aspects of this undertaking was acquiring land. According to BMRCL sources, 91.28 percent of the land necessary for the 2A and 2B phases has been secured. The 58.19 km route will include 30 stops. The anticipated cost of finishing this section is RS14.788.10 crores. 

The phase 2B (airport line) is 38 kilometres long, as per BMRCL. The engineering segment receives 2,15,616.24 square metres of the 2,23,655.72 square metres necessary for the viaduct and stations.

Settlement for the outstanding region is now being paid. The State government transfers 18 acres of land necessary for the depot at Shettigere to the BMRCL. Because the remaining five acres of property were being litigated, BMRCL asked that the government transfer 4 34 acres of land next to the 18 acres previously given for the depot. The BMRCL is considering other solutions. Thus far, reimbursement in the amount of Rs 398.48 crore has been paid for Phase 2A, while reimbursement in the amount of Rs 1,512.14 crore has been given for Phase 2B.

The High Court has set aside the 3-kilometer Reach-3C-Extension (Nagasandra To Bangalore International Exhibition Centre) and the acquisition of an additional area of 1,885.11 sqm for offering road links to Chikkabidarakallu Metro Station from Anchepalya and other villages via Jindal-Prestige Layout.

The builder has now agreed to form a 12-foot-wide access road across its land.

Record tunnelling

The tunnel boring machine ‘Urja,’ which is now tunnelling between Cantonment and Pottery Town stations, made a 27-meter tunnelling advance on April 25. According to BMRCL officials, this is the quickest speed of tunnelling construction in the City since Metro began tunnelling beneath to allow subterranean Metro works.

Source: BM

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