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Lalbazar One of the city’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods is Kolkata. Lalbazar has a long and prosperous history. Since its construction in 1864, it has served as the Kolkata Police’s main office. Thus, the Lalbazar thana is unquestionably regarded as one of its finest residences. Due to its location next to Lal Dighi, the market came to be known as Lalbajar (Lalbazar), and this neighborhood is still the city’s commercial center today. The market offers top-quality foods, apparel, and other goods at reasonable prices. Lalbazar has a rich history and continues to be a beautiful site. You must include the Lalbazar structure in your list of must-haves.

The neighborhood is full of colonial houses and has a British vibe. Lalbazar is gradually reclaiming its lost splendor as a result of the neighboring areas’ growing repute. Property values are growing, and it’s becoming a popular place to live.

Near Kolkata’s Lal Bazar, there is a tonne of places to visit. For instance, it’s merely a short trek to the Victoria Memorial. Fort William, the Eden Gardens, and the Howrah Bridge are among further nearby attractions.

You may also check out the Mother Teresa House or the Indian Museum if you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path. Whatever your interests, there is likely something near Lalbazar in Kolkata that you will enjoy. Let’s take a hard look at those areas.

Eden Garden

This location is a must-visit for cricket fans. Eden Gardens, India’s first formally constructed cricket stadium, has come to be known as the “Mecca of Indian cricket.” At Eden Gardens, games have taken place in significant international competitions like the World Cup, World Twenty20, and Asia Cup.

William Fort

Fort William is a popular destination for everyone and is about 3.6 kilometers from Lalbazar. The castle was named after King William III and became the main British settlement in the United States. In 1696, work on it began. Currently owned by the Indian Army, Fort William may provide refuge for up to 10,000 troops. Visit the palace to see its beautiful architecture.

Victoria Memorial 

The Victoria Memorial, located about four kilometers from Lalbazar, serves as a reminder of the opulence of earlier colonial periods. It is a remarkable architectural marvel in the city. This magnificent representation of the beauty of nature that enthralls and astounds its guests is carved out of white marble. As a “stately” memorial to the late Queen Victoria, the first Empress of British India, the monument was created.

Bentinck Avenue

This road is a hidden gem for anybody who has expertise in racing. Bentinck Street today has several track stores; there used to be just one. If you pass from Paradise Cinema closer to Lal Bazar road, the stores may be seen on every side of the road, especially on the correct side of the police station. Since they have been in business for years, the shops have sold instruments to musicians with varying levels of experience, including the internationally renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

Dead Letter Office

Did you know that Lalbazar has a fascinating area as well? All letters that were not delivered to their intended recipients since 1876 have been sent to the “Dead Letter Office” at Lal Bazar! The structure houses Bengal’s main mail sorting facility. When a letter cannot be sent to the intended recipient due to a deal with the mistake, the recipient’s passing, or for any other reason, it crosses this line. A lot of Kolkata’s most Instagrammable sights are made possible by the unique beauty of the form, which you cannot ignore if you love architecture.

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