All about Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB)

The Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) is an organization charged with enforcing various housing, slum redevelopment, rehabilitation, and resettlement programs across the state.

The authority became established in 1970 and began operating in Chennai before expanding throughout the kingdom in 1984. The TNSCB aspires to see slum-free towns by 2023 and has implemented several in-situ environmental initiatives, in-situ plotted and infrastructural improvements, as well as rehabilitation and relocation projects, to improve the living conditions of city slum households in Tamil Nadu. Slum residents are often the victims of natural disasters such as floods, fires, and other misfortunes. The TNSCB locates such families and constructs tenements for them. Every tenement features a multipurpose area, a bedroom, a kitchen, an independent toilet, and access to water supply and arrangements. It is also guaranteed that the entrances to those tenements are paved with adequate street lights and drainage facilities to enable proper drainage.

Each of those tenements is heavily subsidized, with residents only having to pay Rs 250 a month for 20 years. It’s a rent-to-own system, and the tenements are located in areas where an equitable allocation of land isn’t always practicable. As a result, the current systems have been cleared, making way for tenements.The TNSCB is led by a chairman with the assistance of a handling director and a joint handling director. Different departments are at work beneath them, enforcing the authority’s schemes.

Tenement dwellers in Perumbakkam benefit from private participation.While the government implements programs to help the impoverished, personal participation is essential. The TNSCB tenement dwellers in Perumbakkam, for example, have begun installing CCTVs, calculating the water-friendly, hearthplace escape strategies, and also increasing attention to the segregation of garbage in their area. There are 158 TNSCB homes in Perumbakkam, each with ninety-three houses, and the majority of them have resident welfare institutions, even though they aren’t registered. These institutions have taken several innovative efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of TNSCB citizens.

Benefits such as pensions and insurance are no longer reaching the intended recipients. Unfortunately for a few recipients, the benefits are no longer available to them. Some tenement residents have claimed that the elderly pension and benefits for the crippled and widowed have been discontinued. The authorities have claimed that to combat such issues, they have implemented several citizen awareness programs. The TNSCB has established the ‘Resilient Urban Design’ framework in response to the challenges with its current system and to provide better housing solutions (RUDF). According to the record, there were monotonous blocks as a result of the Board’s current strategy, with inadvertent leftover areas being given for social services and not unusual place regions. Based on the RUDF, the Board has vowed to improve the design quality of its projects and focus more on ensuring a better dwelling experience.

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