Stamp Duty and Registration Charges: A Guide to Property Transactions in Tamil Nadu 2024

In the realm of property transactions, understanding the intricacies of stamp duty and registration charges is crucial for both buyers and sellers. These charges vary from state to state in India, and Tamil Nadu is no exception. Let’s delve into the specifics of stamp duty and registration charges applicable in Tamil Nadu in 2024.

All about Varisu Certificate in Tamil Nadu


If you reside in Tamilnadu, you can get the Varisu certifications in the shape of a Tehsildar or Taluk in your neighborhood. You may also practice and download your shape online.

All about Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB)


The Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) is an organization charged with enforcing various housing, slum redevelopment, rehabilitation, and resettlement programs across the state.

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