All you need to know about Land Measurement in South India

Each state in India has one-of-a-kind land-sizing mechanisms.

These measurement devices are made with the help of local benchmarks that have been in use for a long period. Knowing how to calculate land sizes in south India would aid you in making domestic property acquisitions in the region. The size of land in south India might differ significantly from that of the north or east India.

To avoid misunderstanding, we’ve also included conversion between the land size in south India and other commonly used land size devices. Let’s take a closer look to get a better idea of the vastness of the land in south India.

In South India, land size is a device.

Cent, Ankanam, Ground, and Guntha are some of the most common size devices seen in south Indian regions. In south India, land size is measured in square feet, acres, rectangular yards, rectangular meters, and other units.

The size of land in South India is calculated using state data.Ankanam is a Tamil word that is used in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It’s the same as 72 rectangular feet of land.

In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, guntha is used. It’s the same as 1089 square feet.Kuncha is a traditional Andhra Pradesh dish. 1 Kuncham is made up of 484 rectangular feet.

It is used on the ground in Tamil Nadu. When someone mentions one floor in Tamil Nadu, they usually mean 2400 square feet of the ground. In Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, a cent is a land size unit. 1 cent is equal to 435.6 square feet.

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