An emphasis on affordable housing: Budget 2023–24!

The new policies outlined in the EU budget for 2023–2024 can undoubtedly aid in the Indian economy’s prospective growth. Affordable housing has declined due to rising input costs and also because buyers in this segment, primarily from the unorganized sector, are still uncertain about the were influenced by the pandemic. Chief Minister Awaas Yojana’s allowance increase of 66% to over 79,000 crores is unquestionably a boost for affordable housing.

The budget places a heavy emphasis on developing the nation’s infrastructure, with a focus on last-mile connectivity, according to Anarock Group President Anuj Puri. The development of urban infrastructure will give Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities fresh life. Indirectly, the continued emphasis on infrastructure will fuel real estate expansion in the upcoming year.

The percentage of new supply in the affordable housing category 40 lahks INR fell from 2 units to 20% of the total units of 3.58 lakh discovered in the 7 major Cities in 2022, according to ANAROCK Research. In 2019, 0.37 lakh worth of new units were imported. Given the several elements influencing total real estate growth, brokers are optimistic about the budget release as well.

The Prime Minister’s goal of “housing. realization for all” would be furthered by a 3% increase in GDP, a 66% increase to over 79,000 crores for the Prime Minister Awas Yojana, and a 9,000 crore loan guarantee plan for MSMEs. In both rural and urban locations, more housing developments would be developed as a result of raising the allocation, according to Pradeep Aggarwal, founder, and chairman of Signature Global (India) Ltd.

The initiative will continue to assist members of the EWS and LIG community groups in purchasing homes while giving the real estate sector a much-needed boost. The finance minister also disclosed that capital spending will grow by 33% to hasten the nation’s development and that infrastructure and investment would become the third priority of the administration.

The growth of the residential and commercial real estate sector would be accelerated, according to Navin M. Raheja, President and Chief Executive Officer of Raheja Developers, when combined with a 66 percent rise in the PM Awas Yojana fund and greater infrastructure expenditure. The budget is also pressuring states and towns to engage in urban planning, which we anticipate will result in planned real estate development across the nation. Additionally, it will raise urban living standards and allow housebuilders to build nicer residences.

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