What is net absorption in commercial real estate markets?

Any difference in leased space in a certain commercial sector or location between both the present and previous time periods is known as net absorption. The difference between both the commercial spaces relinquished by companies or tenants in a given time frame and the spaces snapped up by them or similar commercial enterprises in the […]

How to add a co-owner to a property?

During any time during their lifespan, property owners have the choice of granting co-ownership of their homes, flats, apartments, and landed property. Establishing a co-owner in a property is mainly made to prevent disagreements that may develop during the allocation of the property following the owner’s death, although the reasons for doing so may change […]

What Role Does Real Estate Play in the Fight Against Global Inflation?

Saving a little money might be complicated with the daily rise in the inflation rate. As the year’s pass, the value of money decreases, making it impossible to survive in a global economy with only a paycheck and no investments, as product costs continue to rise rapidly.

CAG India: Everything You Need to Know About India’s Comptroller and Auditor General

Article 148 of the Indian Constitution created the department of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, also referred as the CAG India. The CAG India is the auditor of government accounts, with the authority to audit the books of the central, state, as well as all government authorities in the country.

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