Assam tenancy law to settle landlords and tenant’s disputes

Recently Assam passed a new tenancy law to settle all the disputes going on. The new tenancy law is based on a Model Tenancy Act. So let us discuss the Model Tenancy Act (MTA) 2021 first.

What is the Model Tenancy Act (MTA) 2021?

To put it simplistically, the Model Tenancy Act (MTA) 2021 attempts to make rent regulation more equitable for tenants and landlords. In addition, it focuses on easing the process of renting a home as well. Earlier this year, on June 2, 2020, the Union cabinet approved the Tenancy Act for adoption in every state and union territory. Now, based on MTA 2021, we have the new Assam tenancy law.

What is the new Assam Tenancy Law? And in what ways is it resolving Assam’s disputes?

With the Assam Tenancy Act, 2021, landlords and tenants will be able to resolve disputes with ease through an adjudication mechanism that consists of – 

  • A rent authority
  • A rent court
  • And a rent appellate in each district.

As a whole, the act clarifies things properly. In addition, it describes the duties and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants in regard to maintenance and upkeep of the premises to eliminate any ambiguity. Also, in fixing the rent of premises, there won’t be any artificial cap.

There was a need for this new law. Ashok Singhal, the housing and urban affairs minister, also spoke about landlord-tenant issues. He said that there are some people who do not follow the agreement when leaving the building — Landlords are unable to rent out accommodations as a result of this. It will make the whole process of letting out much easier with this new law.

The new tenancy law is intended to make things better for both landlords and tenants so that the best fit solution can be found for both.

Indeed, this is a significant step to sort out any dispute happening in the state. Separating these disputes from others will surely speed up the dispute resolution process.

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