Why is Janakpuri such a well-known rental district in West Delhi?

Janakpuri is a well-developed residential neighborhood with a large rental market.

The region is organized into four sections: Blocks A, B, C, and D, each with its own infrastructure. Most of the rental inventory in the region was conceptualized by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), and it consists of independent developer floor units and residential flats.

Seamless connectivity

Janakpuri has hassle-free access to numerous business centers in Gurgaon via Dwarka Expressway. All three metro stations- Janakpuri North, West and South on the Blue and Magenta lines of the Delhi Metro further contribute to the transportation factor and connect the region to major industrial and business areas in Noida and Delhi. In addition, two large bus terminals, Hari Nagar and Uttam Nagar Terminal, are within 4-5 kilometers of the neighborhood. The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport and the New Delhi Railway Station are around 20-25 minutes distant the Blue Line.However, its biggest attraction is its excellent connection network, which allows inhabitants to go to any region of Delhi NCR with ease.

Inventory supply in the area

In Janakpuri, 2 BHK residential apartments in independent builder floor units continue to be the most popular among renters. People with families feel it a secure refuge because it is one of West Delhi’s oldest neighbourhoods, and 2 BHKs are in great demand. Working single students and professionals registered in local colleges such as Maharaja Surajmal College and Bharti College like the area’s vast availability of 1 BHK flats and Paying Guests (PG) alternatives.

According to Online reports suggests that popularity among students who are seeking PGs in Janakpuri has increased exponentially as a result of the rapid expansion of many medical entry colleges. Monthly PG rates range from Rs 8,000 to Rs 23,000 per bed. Working professionals choose 1 RK units, which cost between Rs 10,000 and Rs 12,000 per month, and furnished 1 BHK apartments, which cost between Rs 13,000 and Rs 19,000 per month. Nonetheless, the preference is for self-contained homes and builder floor flats. Because the majority of them are new construction, the units are semi-furnished and offer parking.

Commercial and social infrastructure

The primary business center, Janakpuri District Centre, is home to several IT and drug companies. Dilli Haat and Nangal Rai DDA Shopping Complex are also approximately one kilometer away. Connaught Place, the business district of London, is roughly 30 minutes distant via Blue Line subway. Janakpuri is home to a variety of educational institutions, treatment centers, restaurants, and handicraft shops, among other things.

Civic infrastructure

Janakpuri are among the most preferred places for renters, according to YK Verma, proprietor of Sukhshanti Properties. Nevertheless, since the introduction of builder floors, the number of people living in the area has risen. As a consequence, there are more automobiles than the region can handle, resulting in a crowded feeling. Throughout the District Centre, there is a lot of traffic. Most communities in Janakpuri do not provide guest parking, and the roadways are constantly encroached upon by sellers. Guests and tourists frequently find it difficult to locate a parking place, even for a few hours.”

Given a few flaws, rental demand in Janakpuri continues to thrive, thanks to low rents and excellent accessibility. Nevertheless, adjacent Vikas Puri and Patel Nagar are worth considering. These locations are well-known rental hotspots in West Delhi, with a wide range of housing alternatives. The typical monthly rent in these locations is between Rs 13,000 and Rs 18,000 per month.

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