Bhu naksha and its importance in Maharashtra

When it comes to population, Maharashtra is the second-largest state in the country. However, along with this, come property-related fraud and crime cases. To avoid this, the National Informatics Centre came up with a tool called the Bhu Naksha.

Before you make a purchase, it is essential to check the Maha Bhunaksha (Bhu Naksha Maharashtra) website in order to find out the information about the land you are planning to buy. To make an informed property-related decision, check the land map of bhu naksha in Maharashtra. Doing so avoids the frequent trips you take to the government offices to check these maps. There are no charges involved and anybody with the bhu naksha tool who is interested in obtaining details of land can use it.

Why is bhu naksha important?

Bhu naksha verifies and finds the legality of the land parcel. It becomes very easy for the buyers to find out all the information about the land. One can avoid a lot of fraud by checking the bhu naksha data. The bhu naksha demarcates the exact boundaries around the land which prevents unauthorized possession of the land.

It is essential to double-check the plot details such as :

  • Is the plot legal? Understand the allotment and the legality of the plot by the government through bhu naksha for public welfare.
  • Verify details of the owner It is essential to check the details of the landowner provided by the Maha Bhunaksha such as their address, name, etc
  • Know the plot size You can check the size and boundaries of the plot in bhu naksha.
Integrated records

The map of the plot and the Record of Rights (ROR) can be acquired on the bhu naksha portal. The document has all the information that you would require like the details of the owner, rent, liabilities, or tenant details.

Saves your time

You can get the records of the plot online which saves a lot of your time and effort.

To avoid the fraud in land dealings, bhu naksha is a very helpful portal that every investor should check before investing.

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