Cement Price in Delhi

There has been a recent, widespread increase in cement prices. The monthly average price of ordinary cement in all of India increased by more than 10% in March 2022, reaching Rs 395 per 50 kg bag. Based exclusively on the comparison of one year to the next, it increased by 11%. Read on to learn more about Delhi’s cement price and how it affects the real estate industry.

In March 2022, cement prices in India increased significantly. Costs increased in March past the November 2021 peak of Rs 343 per bag after remaining unchanged for three months, till February 2022. In April 2022, it too saw a rise of about Rs 25–30 per bag. Real estate developers are under tremendous pressure as a result of this rising cost. The increase is mostly due to rising coal and crude oil prices against the backdrop of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. The price of raw materials, such as imported coal and pet coke, has increased significantly by 24 to 50% over the past three months.

The cost of cement in Delhi increased by almost 12 percentage points from April to June 2022 to January to March 2022 as a result of rising transportation and production expenses.

The following table displays the most recent price for specialty cement kinds in Delhi. VarietyPrice according to a bag of 50 kg RS 800 for blast furnace slag cement Cement Extra Rapid Hardening Rs 400 Cement High Alumina Rs. 750 Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)Rs 350Low Heat CementRs 350 PPC 350 Portland Pozzolana Cement Rs. 450 for Quick Setting Cement 400 for Rapid Hardening Cement Cement Resistant to Sulfates, RS 700 White Cement400 rupees

Reputable manufacturers like UltraTect Cement sells fifty-three Grade OPC for Rs 430 per bag, Ambuja Cement costs Rs 420 per bag, ACC Cement costs Rs 385 per bag, while Birla Cement charges Rs 440 per bag for their fifty-three Grade OPC. Price increases for both manufacturing and cement.

The essential raw material for manufacturing is cement. Any price increase has an immediate impact on the developer’s budget, which ultimately passes the burden to the consumers who opt out. Because of the rise in cement prices during the epidemic, domestic purchasing costs have increased by 10-15% in India. The cost of raw materials was also severely impacted by the Ukraine-Russia situation. To counterbalance the increase in cement prices, several builders have increased the price of new unsold inventory.

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