Check out the cost of living in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is on the verge of becoming a Smart City, and it has made more progress than Thane and the surrounding suburbs. Overall, the amount of money you spend there will be determined by what you want to spend it on as well as your own personal tastes.


Despite the fact that the city’s transportation options are generally great, walking remains the most common mode of transportation in Navi Mumbai. All types of transportation are significantly less expensive, including taxis, Uber, and public transportation. If you take public transportation, 5-10 kilometers might cost you less than a dollar. If you wish to avoid taking public transit and instead take a cab, the same route would likely cost around 25rs per kilometer.


When it comes to amenities, they are no longer expensive, but you should be aware that there are water supply issues (which last around 2 hours per day) and regular power outages. Utilities are likely to be either cheap or extremely costly, depending on the size of the rental you wish to rent and where you reside. For a bigger production rental, all major utilities will cost between 3000rs and 4000rs.


Sports and recreational activities, like everything else in Navi Mumbai, are reasonably priced. If you wish to join a fitness facility or a health club, the cost is usually around 1000rs. If you want to go to the cinema, tickets are similarly reasonably priced, costing around 500rs. This is very inexpensive in comparison to other nations’ prices, yet it may be too expensive for residents.


When it comes to accommodations and rental, it all depends on where you stay and whether you rent the entire house or just a room. Overall, rent in Navi Mumbai isn’t outrageously expensive, however, it may be by Indian standards. If you require a rental inside the city center, the starting rent is Rs. 10000. However, there are many adorable tiny apartments a little farther out of town that are fantastic and cost around Rs. 15,000.

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