Convert your 2BHK apartment into a 3BHK

It absolutely doesn’t matter if you stay in a small apartment that has very little space for decorations and designs. Because today we have come to your rescue with small ideas which you can use to design your small space and make it extensive and elegant.

As most of the working-class people live in a 2BHK apartment it becomes quite difficult to balance space and also the décor. So, let’s have a look at these cool ideas that will make your home look cozier and spacious.


If you’ve had ever had a glance at modern décor and furniture, the simple rule is quite in trend. 1 table multiple uses! You’ll find furniture in-store and also online that uses less space but at the same time also have multiple uses. For example, a dinner table that works as a shelf also plus a work table.

Non-used furniture

Nowadays many pieces of furniture are foldable and expandable. You can use such furniture which serves both purposes add neatness to your room and such furniture also does not take much space.

Make your own space

If there is an ample amount of space in your living room or at the end of the corridor, turn these places into a reading corner or a place for working. You can add a small bookshelf into the corner or a table where you can read and work for a change.

No walls

Break down all the walls that are taking the vibe and light away from your room. all they do is make the space look smaller and packed. Instead, remove the wall and use this place to build small see-through furniture or a light partition. You can also use glass to divide your room’s space. By doing this your room will look spacious and elegant.

Go vertical

You haven’t noticed this but vertical furniture takes up more space than horizontal ones. Try to get more vertical shelves into your living room to make the space look bigger and more open than it is. There’s one more bonus tip take you would take is always get full-length curtains for your room rather than the smaller ones. And instead of hanging the curtains from the windows, hang them from the ceiling itself. This eventually will make your room look more dramatic and fuller.

With these ideas go make your compact 2BHK apartment look like an ideal 3BHK one!

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