DDA’s Master Plan 2041 Awaits the Final nod


The consultative process of drafting a Delhi Master Plan 2041 is now complete. Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is expected to soon place the document in its board meeting for approval before forwarding it to the Centre for its go-ahead and gazette notification.

 The DDA advisory council, which is headed by lieutenant governor Anil Baijal, reviewed the draft master plan 2041, which was finalized after incorporating the suggestions and objections received from the public. The council consists of elected representatives from the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha, municipal councilors, officers from central and Delhi governments, and experts from the domain of urban development and planning.

The draft Master Plan Delhi 2041 was approved by the authority, DDA’s apex body, on April 13, 2021, and placed in the public domain on June 9, 2021, followed by extensive consultations with various stakeholders and citizens. Officials said more than 33,200 suggestions were received, and a number of them were incorporated into the draft plan after the Board of Enquiry and Hearing approved them. According to officials, most of the important suggestions provided by the members had already been included in the plan. They added that the new recommendations that came up on Monday were noted down and will be suitably incorporated in the draft Master Plan 2041.

 What’s More?

“The suggestions, largely related to the environment, economy, shelter and social infrastructure, mobility and physical infrastructure, spatial development strategies, etc., were deliberated upon by the advisory council in detail,” the LG had tweeted, further adding that the DDA vice-chairman was to consider the suggestions given by the council members for including them in the Delhi masterplan and to place before the authority as soon as possible.

 DDA officials said 14 Board of Enquiry and Hearing meetings were held in October and November last year. Public, civil societies, residents welfare associations, NGOs, professional bodies, market associations, federations, government agencies, and political members submitted their suggestions, and the draft was modified.

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