Delhi to become one of the world’s best-connected capitals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that Delhi is becoming one of the best-related capitals in the world, highlighting the Center’s efforts to develop the city’s infrastructure.

On Sunday, he officially opened the main tunnel and 5 underpasses of the Pragati Maidan Integrated Transit Corridor Project. An essential component of the Pragati Maidan Redevelopment Project is the Integrated Transit Corridor project. Speaking to the crowd, the prime minister described the project as a significant gift from the important authorities to the residents of Delhi. He remembered how difficult it was to complete the project due to the pandemic and the influx of guests.

He gave engineers, workers, and New India’s new artistic way of life credit for completing the project. The Prime Minister declared, “This is a New India that solves the problems, takes new vows, and works diligently to comprehend those pledges.

According to PM Modi, the tunnel is a component of the effort to update Pragati Maidan to meet 21st-century expectations. He bemoaned the fact that despite India’s transformation, Pragati Maidan, which was built to showcase India, had trailed behind due to a lack of political will and ambition.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much development on the Pragati Maidan lately, he said. Despite much hoopla and publicity in the past, this is no longer done. He continued, “The Government of India is continuously constructing exposition halls for international-elegance events inside the country’s capital.”

“Delhi’s image is changing and becoming more modern as a result of the essential authorities’ development of modern infrastructure. Delhi is becoming one of the world’s leading cities for business “He declared.

According to him, increasing livability for the average person is what is driving this attention to infrastructure development. He also highlighted the need for climate- and environmentally-conscious infrastructure development. According to one estimate, the included hall will save 55 lakh liters of fuel in terms of time and fuel. It will also relieve traffic congestion, which will have a positive impact on the environment and be equivalent to planting 5 lakh trees, the prime minister said. He claimed that the need of the hour was for those eternal solutions to improve the ease of living.

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