Different Types of Industrial Buildings

There are differences between industrial and business real estate, notwithstanding their similarities.

Commercial real estate includes the types of properties that the majority of people are familiar with and utilize daily, such as businesses and retail establishments. Industrial real estate, on the other hand, typically refers to buildings where goods are manufactured, stored, and/or exported. There are eight different types of business homes, but most commercial real estate falls into one of three categories: production, garage and distribution, and flex space. This guidebook will demonstrate the many types of company real estate.


Heavy-production homes are sometimes enormous, with tens or even hundreds of square feet of storage capacity.Heavy-duty equipment, 3-section electricity, and a large number of loading dock sections are all prevalent features. Due to the permanent furnishings typically required to carry out heavy production, heavy production homes frequently require complete top-to-bottom preservation when there is an additional in residents. Light meeting homes, on the other hand, are smaller, simpler, and easier to transfer into because the interiors of the structure tend to be clean and easy to rearrange. Because the components being built are smaller than those created in a heavy production plant, the equipment on this type of business structure is often lighter and more transportable.

Storage & Distribution

Storage and distribution facilities are exactly what their names suggest: facilities where goods are stored and distributed to the end customer. Distribution warehouses, fashionable warehouses, and truck terminals are the three types of garage and distribution locations. While the size of those dwellings vary, they usually break down into a garage space taking up approximately 80% of the rectangle ft and no more than 20% of the rectangular ft devoted to businesses.In general, a distribution warehouse is utilized to deliver things. As a result, those properties tend to be located near the city’s center and near airports so that items may be delivered swiftly, regardless of where the customer is located.


Flex homes are homes that are built to suit multiple purposes. Those homes, for example, are more likely to devote a larger rectangle foot to office space. There are three types of flex homes: research and development, information centers, and showrooms. An employer uses the assets in the research and development sector to produce, test, and improve new and existing products. Labs, offices, check-out facilities, and a few light production units are usually found in this region. The items saved are strict to check out.

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