Everything you need to know about Property Card, Pune

A Property Card is an idea that is unique to cities.

A Property Card, which was introduced as part of the center’s ‘SVAMITVA Scheme,’ is a reliable record that details information on the assets, such as ownership details, carpet areas, and available services, among other things. Within Maharashtra, a property card is known as a ‘Malmatta Patrak’ or a ‘Sampatti Card.’

It is a useful document used by the local administration to keep track of important information about any assets located inside Maharashtra’s municipal borders. In rural regions, on the other hand, a 7/12 extract is considered a reliable record.

The Pune Municipal Corporation is responsible for issuing the Property Card to apartment owners in Pune. The Pune Municipal Corporation’s Property Card contains a list of the owners’ protection as well as other vital asset information. In Pune, a Property Card is also known as Malmatta Patrak.

A Property Card is a very important document for people of Pune who want to acquire a home or land since it is required to test the asset’s card as proof of possession. In reality, the information on an assets card continues to expand, including details such as the location, mortgage, loans taken out, past owners, and so on, increasing transparency and lowering the danger of forgery.

The assets playing cards are a vital repository of information on the owner, the assets, and previous records of asset possession, as well as records of land holdings in the surrounding metropolitan areas.

The Mahabhulekh assets card, also known as MalmattaPatrak Pune, validates the genuine owner of a property, enables for the identification of any false claims on the property, may be used in court dockets for land disputes, and can even assist you to avoid any future criminal charges for the property.Essentially, the most crucial details included in a Property Card, Pune are:

  • Name of the owner, as well as possession records
  • Survey of City Titles (CTS) the size of the land (look for town survey Utara online Pune to realize more)
  • Plot Quantity Exact Location of the Land
  • The land area measured in rectangular meters
  • Litigation specifics
  • Record of encumbrance and mutation
  • Details of loans obtained from government agencies through the landowner’s means.
  • Taxes that have not been paid and are pending on the land.

A key trustworthy record, an assets card is required for a range of transactional and verification purposes. Property Cards, or Malmatta Patrak in Pune, contain information such as ownership details, address, tax and mortgage information, and so on, allowing the government to build a database of flat owners. The following are some crucial uses of a Property Card in Pune like purchasing a property, purchasing a Home Resolving Court Cases.

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