Everything you need to know about the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF)

The Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF) has the authority to file a FIR against anybody who trespasses or violates Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP) or other properties within its control.

The Karnataka government established the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF) in 1996 to enhance its commitment to putting “people first” and to bring about Bengaluru’s organized growth. The BMTF is led by the extra director-general of police and is supported by personnel from several departments such as administrative and tax, police, and urban planning.

Key responsibilities of the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force

The BMTF aims to drive economic activity in the city by making it a preferred choice for people to live and work, in accordance with the demands of inhabitants and diverse stakeholders. The BMTF’s primary tasks include:

  • Protection of property and land belonging in its jurisdiction (as marked in the maps below) –The Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP), the Government of Karnataka, the Bangalore Development Authority, the Karnataka Slum Clearance Board, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, City Municipal Councils, Town Municipal Councils, the various lakes under the Forest Department for maintenance within the Bangalore Rural District, Bangalore Urban District, and the Bangalore Metropolitan Region as defined in Section 2(c) of the BMRDA Act, 1985, and the areas falling under the
  • It is the responsibility of the BMTF to detect, inspect, and prosecute criminal activities involving trespassing and unauthorised occupation of property and land belonging to the above-mentioned Karnataka government departments, as well as any other property that the government may mention from time to time.
  • The BMTF is also responsible for detecting, within its jurisdiction, workers of organisations that assist the general public in committing crimes and taking harsh action in accordance with the aforementioned enactments.
Operation clean up by the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force

The BMTF has developed a strategy on which they want to operate in order to make Bengaluru a desirable destination to live and work. It is concentrating on creating an open channel of contact with residents and resolving the concerns of impacted parties. They are also establishing an intelligence network to impede and detect breaches in organizations under their authority. Finally, among other measures, they are focused on sensitizing organizational workers to corruption-free working practices.

Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force: complaints procedure

Citizens must log in to the website http://bmtf.gov.in/ and click on the online complaints button on the homepage to register a complaint. Metropolitan Task Force of Bangalore

You will find an online complaint form that must be completed and submitted. Include information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, complaint subject details, and the address of the property in the form.

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